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More than 80 of you sent us your fabulous festive photos, whether at home or on a stroll in the Principality. Here is a small selection of photos that have marked us this year.

Original Christmas trees

When you think of Christmas, you obviously think of “tree”. But in the photos we received, two Christmas trees were rivals for the title of the most original. First Lise, out of the hat in our competition, which transformed the traditional king of the forest into an evening dress. Anne-Sophie on the other hand gave us a tree upside down. Bottom up!

Animals galore

What would Christmas Eve be without our four-legged friends? Iuli’s miniature spitz strikes a pose for us in front of the tree. The same goes for Dina, former winner of our Halloween contest, who had her two dogs equipped in Christmas outfits, to keep the tree.

Everything is in the detail inside …

Some of our readers didn’t stop at the tree and went to great lengths to bring the magic of Christmas into their homes. Marie, for example, made her own cardboard Ferris wheel. Each seat contains little surprises for the Advent calendar of her daughters-in-law. Sandy’s table is already set, on the theme of Santa Claus, with cuffs for napkin holders.

… And outside.

And because the magic of Christmas isn’t just in the living room, our readers also decorated the outside of their homes. ChloLu decorated her front door with wreaths, Santa Claus and little woodland creatures. Isadora invites her to her wooden chalet to admire her fabulous tree.

Monaco in light

Our readers have also sent us their best photos of the Principality. Beli, for example, had the lights in the Monte-Carlo casino flicker at night. And you might have spotted Sacha’s car, covered in fairy lights and fir branches: movable decorations that can be seen everywhere in Monaco!

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