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Friends, I am now six weeks away from my knee replacement surgery and still healing. Sleep is difficult without chemical aid and so I’m a little fuzzy. YouTube has been a go-to for me right now… So here are a few things to check out, a little, if you will.

First, the emergency meetings of Mary Trump’s Nerd Avengers are always worth listening to. Today’s latest is in response to DeSantis’ latest cruel stunt and also Judge Cannon’s erroneous ruling on the hundred classified documents. It’s over an hour but worth it.

Then I was fascinated by the History Hits videos. They have a whole slew of historians responding to what was and wasn’t done accurately in Hollywood movies. There’s some about Roman movies, Tudor movies, Empire-era battle scenes, sex throughout history, and more. But I particularly like this medieval expert. So here’s one of them:

Speaking of movies about medieval kings, I’m interested in this:

This movie looks good too. I think it’s available for rent on Amazon.

Okay, maybe I watch recipe videos…especially those by Max Miller.

And let’s not forget the drinks. This caught my eye last night because it’s a favorite cocktail of the late Queen Elizabeth II — the ZaZa. Never heard of it – have you?

Finally, it cracked me up. (And we all need to laugh.)

The weekend starts now. Come in, make yourself comfortable and share your day, your weekend plans, your menus! This is an open thread.

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