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Those wishing to familiarize themselves with the documentary Apple TV + It was the fight before Christmas thought they would have to wait until tomorrow to do so, but it turns out that is not the case at all. The Christmas documentary is available to stream on Apple’s platform now.

The documentary follows a man who pushes Christmas decorations a bit too far and turns a community into a battlefield with the light of a few lights. Well, a lot of lights. A lot, in fact.

“‘Twas the Fight Before Christmas” follows the story of a neighborhood in northern Idaho overwhelmed by one man’s obsession with bringing Christmas cheer to everyone, through the biggest community Christmas event America has ever seen. Christmas-loving attorney Jeremy Morris’s plan runs into trouble when the Homeowners’ Association informs him that the event breaks neighborhood rules. A controversial battle over the festivities breaks out and things get out of hand. As the situation worsens, the film asks the question: who wins when different rights and interests collide? Director Becky Read brings together polarized perspectives in this quirky Christmas tale of freedoms, with a message of differences and tolerance at its heart.

If this tickles your imagination – and it really should! – It was the fight before Christmas Currently streaming to an iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Mac, or almost any internet-connected device near you. You will of course need an Apple TV + subscription, with that being offered at $ 4.99 per month. It’s also available as part of the Apple One subscription package.

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