Want to add a little decoration to your garden? Here are some of the best fruit trees for a beautiful garden


Fruit trees can serve as an ornamental element in your gardens. Large rhubarb leaves can provide plenty of volume alongside other plants. Planting tomatoes with your roses can be a fun combination. Conversely, you can find companion plants that work well with fruit trees. Onions or members of the onion family like garlic will repel insects. Marigold is a very effective flower for deterring unwanted insects and it looks beautiful doing so.

Another ornamental fruit tree is the dwarf peach tree. It only reaches human height but it gives you a nice addition with pink flowers.

Changeable plants also provide decorative value like cool crops such as leafy greens that can grow during the cold early spring.

Even root crops can work in a garden, such as walla walla onions and leeks. A leek grows a beautiful stem up to an inch and a half at the end of the season. Walla walla onions are one of the most sought after varieties. By mid-May, Millcreek will also have around 70 different varieties of herbs available for sprinkling online.

You will find at Millcreek Gardens that fruit trees move in and out of inventory as quickly as possible. All sorts of varieties can be found, from large to small, and some for any type of gardening budget. To date, Millcreek has received 700 new fruit trees. Sometimes they can receive up to ten to twelve to twenty mailings per week.

LaRene Butler, owner of Millcreek Gardens, believes that any fruit in season at this time is the best fruit. To date, Millcreek has received 700 new fruit trees. Right now it could be fresh apples, juicy peaches, and sweet apricots. A tree fruit will be tastier in its own harvest season.

Millcreek is always honored that so many planters and gardens choose to buy from them. As a result, they are able to supply hundreds of varieties in their nurseries and gardens. Enter Millcreek Gardens, scan a QR code and choose what special request if you can’t find what you’re looking for. They also now offer the delivery option.

You can visit them online to see their varieties and options www.Millcreekgardens.com

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