Video maker creates hilarious Christmas decoration for Die Hard desktop



A VIDEOGRAPHER created a hilarious desktop Christmas ornament by recreating a classic scene from Die Hard.

Rob Ritchie designed a model of John McClane from Die Hard, played by Bruce Willis, crawling through an air vent in his office in Sunderland, Tyne and Wear.

One image shows a large cardboard box that has been wrapped in aluminum foil and attached to the top of a wall near the roof.

Rob used a cardboard box and aluminum foil to create the makeshift vent. (C) Rob Ritchie

Inside the makeshift air vent is a colorful print of McClane crawling through an air vent from the original movie which premiered in 1988.

The 33-year-old made the one-time display on Tuesday in a contest hosted by his office for better decoration.

Rob then posted a photo of his DIY creation on Twitter, writing, “Here are the finished office decorations. “

The post has now collected 32,700 likes with over 3,000 retweets.

Hundreds of social media users commented on the post after loving the idea.

@cleverreplicant said: “You did it Rob, the last month of the year just posted the best tweet of 2021.”

@ Stu2904 said: “And people say it’s not a Christmas movie.”

@ philallen316 said: “Absolutely awesome.”

@DJProteus added: “You are an inspiration meaning I steal this idea.”

Speaking today, Rob said: “Someone in the office went out of their way to make their office space very Christmas and our GM loved it and said I think we need to have a contest to see who can. create the most Christmas themed desktop.

“My first attempt was an igloo surrounding and covering the office, but it collapsed under its own weight and I switched to Plan B.

“I would love to say the Die Hard vent decoration was my own idea, but I’ve seen them online for years as tree balls.

“My turn was to make it life-size.

“I took a box from the warehouse, tin foil from the canteen and had Bruce Willis as John McClane printed on our art plotter printer and stuck it in. the box.

Rob added, “I definitely consider Die Hard a Christmas movie, so this is a valid entry for the working competition! “

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