Try These Easy Decorating Tips That Will Spice Up Your Home For Diwali


Diwali is approaching and the excitement is high this post-pandemic year. In our country, Diwali is not just another holiday, although it is the most important and which brings the whole country together to celebrate. In the midst of preparations for Diwali, what people love to do the most is decorate their homes. Here are some crazy decorating ideas for Diwali.

1. Diyas and Candles: The most favorable decoration piece on Diwali is Diya and candles. You can buy simple and simple diyas and candles, light them and decorate the boundaries of your house, along the walls, as well as driveways and sidewalks, facades, etc. Also with the creative look, they will leave your home with a slight scent to it.

2. Floating Candles: Floating candles are a part of modern decor which is very beautiful and fresh when used as the centerpiece of an accent decor. Just fill decorated bowls with water and put floating candles in them. You can also put some flower petals or glitter on it. You can keep these bowls in different places in your house, for example put them on the center table with candies and dried fruits next to them.

3. Paper lanterns: Here are some ideas for making Diwali lanterns. Here we have used them to make Diwali lanterns in a very different and unique way. Shape and modify the size as desired. You can light some of these popular paper lanterns and hang them in your backyard or porch.

4. Floral Decorations: From potted buds to lucky bamboo, flowers can bring a touch of nature and color to your Diwali festival. Get the charming look of the center table by putting a brass pot and filling it with floating flowers.

5. DIY Light Jars and Bottles: To decorate the house, you can use these empty glass jars and old Diwali lights together to create these beautiful fairy light jars. Put Diwali lights inside and keep them here and there for a very creative touch to your decor.

The best DIY home decor ideas to celebrate Diwali this year, these tips will transform your home from the best to the best! Try these amazing and easy Diwali decorating tips and ideas. SpotboyE wishes a Happy Diwali! #Stay at home #Stay safe

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