TK Maxx buyer in tears after realizing £4 Easter decoration looks like something very different


A woman ended up crying after discovering a £3.99 Easter decoration she bought from TK Maxx turned out to be something very gross – and something you definitely wouldn’t want on display in your home .

Laura Reeves bought the Easter decoration in good faith, it would make a lovely addition to her home.

She shared a photo of the ornament on the Extreme Couponing and Bargains group, where it quickly caught the attention of shoppers…for all the wrong reasons.

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Sharing images of her £3.99 purchase on Facebook, Laura said: “Not necessarily a bargain but TK Maxx has some lovely Easter bits. They are so brilliant and were just £3.99 £ each.”

But it wasn’t long before the comments started rolling in, prompting Laura to update her caption to say, “*EDIT* absolutely crying at these comments.”

Pauline O’Connor joked, “Brand new meaning to flower power.”

Lisalynne Brown wrote: “Can’t ignore it now!!”

Laura Reeves was hysterical when she realized an Easter ornament she bought from TK Maxx looked like something very gross

Charlotte Carlin quipped: “Does it smell like pooppourri?”

Courtney Campbell said: “It seems self-explanatory.”

Lynsay Cutler commented, “If this is what we pass off as Easter decor now, I won’t need to visit, I’m good to go.”

Sara Old poked fun at the ornament, saying, “I can just imagine the conversation in A&E, I tripped and I fell.”

Speaking to the Manchester Evening News, Laura said: “I didn’t stupidly realize that when I bought them, but now I can’t ignore it.”

Easter floral decorations are now on sale at TK Maxx stores. Call shopping for them an adult Easter egg hunt.

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