Tinted glass from Yorglass – an essential trend in decoration



Colored glass stands out as an essential accessory in the evolution of trends. They are used to create both functionality and elegant style in decorating. Yorglass’ stained glass series adds modern style to living spaces with green, gray, bronze and blue color options.

Yorglass, Turkey’s leading manufacturer of decorative and etched satin glass, brings those who want to look with color to life with the Retro Glass series. Tinted glass inspires creative design and decorating ideas. It brings glamorous designs to life in decorating with its green, gray, bronze and blue color options. Tinted glass is preferred for its modern look and flexibility to be used in any area and where solar control is required. Besides, it can be tempered, laminated, drilled and can also be used as double glazing.

They bring the quality and aesthetic appearance of glass to spaces. The colored retro glass series stands out for its light transmission and durability. They add an aesthetic touch to the space with its silky feeling to the touch and its particularity of not retaining fingerprints.

Change the atmosphere of spaces with colors

The way to create big effects with small decorative touches is to combine different and colorful materials well. Glass is a healthy and durable material The Yorglass satin tinted glass series makes it an art. It can be used as a divider anywhere. The series adds dynamism to the space with its bright colors, also inspires those who want to create a different atmosphere by going beyond retro and modern styles in decoration which is a complement. Yorglass offers different thicknesses such as 4, 5, 6, 8 and 10mm with different size options.

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