TikToker’s wire mesh ghosts are the perfect DIY Halloween decoration: “They’re awesome”


Halloween is just around the corner. What better way to get into the spirit than with spooky DIY decorations?

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Artist Brandon Hardy designs costumes, puppets and sets. So when it comes to making elaborate decorations, he’s a pro. Hardy shared a simple tutorial for creating haunting, ethereal chicken wire ghosts – the kind that will trick passers-by to do a double take when they spot these “spooky” figures.

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What you will need:

  1. Chicken wire

2. Gloves and goggles

3. Thread cutter

Hardy’s footsteps

1. First, Hardy created a wire mesh tube large enough to be a human torso.

2. Next, Hardy cut slits on each side for the arms.

3. He made two small tubes of wire mesh for the arms.

4. Hardy tied up his arms with a little caveat: “It’ll look silly at first, but don’t worry,” he reassured.

5. Then he made a very large wire mesh tube for the base. Hardy suggested making it even bigger than you think.

6. He created a head shape by casting it on a styrofoam wig mannequin, but said this method was not necessary. Just be sure to mold the wire mesh into a head shape.

7. The artist put all the pieces together and shaped them until the sculpture resembles the silhouette of a tall woman or a Victorian bride.

8. Hardy spray-painted the bottom of Ghost Green to blend in with the grass, making it feel like he was levitating. He also added spots of black and gloss spray paint to give it some shadows.

9. Finally, it was time to position the phantom. He recommended keeping it away from people so that it looks blurry, but not keeping it in front of a solid background so people can look through it. This maximized the ghostly effect of the sculpture.

At night, the finished product was extra efficient thanks to Hardy’s lighting.

“The light that I use is a light of fire and moving ice,” he explained. “The moving light makes them super scary and ethereal. I light them from the side, not from the front or from behind. I find this to be the most dramatic look.

Hardy also added a fog machine to increase the creeps and lighting even more.

“They are far more beautiful in person. But I hope you can say they’re awesome and I’ll do more of them, ”Hardy said.

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