This Maryland pair’s kitchen got a dreamy modern update


To ensure the spaces are always at their best, Charles has captured square feet of the carport and created a butler’s pantry that doubles as an office. The narrow strip includes a sink, dishwasher, refrigerator and secondary pantry, plus pocket doors, to hide any clutter. “In the evening, we sit in the living room and look at the beautiful open space,” explains the owner. “This kitchen has made our lives easier.”

Kitchen location: Chevy Chase, Maryland, just outside of Washington, DC

the front: The kitchen was free-standing rather than integrated with the living room and dining room. “We could see the possibility of it all being one big open space, although it took a really big piece of steel to pull it off,” says the owner.

Inspiration: A blue, white and rustic wooden kitchen designed by Blakes London.

Square feet: The kitchen itself is approximately 320 square feet and the pantry is 150 square feet.

Budget“This is the house we will spend the rest of our lives in, so we allowed ourselves to spend money on the things we really wanted, downstairs,” the owner explains.

BEFORE: Charles has turned the carport on the right side of the house into a butler’s changing room and pantry.

Courtesy of TeassWarren Architects

The main ingredients

Cabinets: Base cabinets are quarter-sawn red oak with a custom whitewashed glaze for a rustic effect. The towers are painted in Marine Hale by Benjamin Moore, as are the glazed upper cabinets. “Not having a top is nice, but seems very impractical,” says the owner. “All I think of when I see open shelves is dust. I like things tidy and tidy.

Material: To maintain clean lines, the team opted for push-latch doors on the lower cabinets, which the homeowner admits took some getting used to. The others play sports Emtek knobs and handles in brushed nickel finish. “Brass told me about being too trendy,” explains the owner. “I wanted it to be timeless.”

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