This cloud kitchen brings freshness to North Indian cuisine with a twist


In recent years, people have enjoyed experimenting with their foods to create unique dishes that marry Indian flavors with international tastes. The success of restaurants like Indian Accent, both in India and abroad, is proof of this. However, creative cuisine that tastes this good usually comes at a steep price. Even those who are willing to pay are sometimes unable to easily access this type of cuisine.

This is where based in Delhi Mrs. Curry, an experimental cloud kitchen delivering across Delhi-NCR, promises to come to the rescue. Founded by Ishaan Kapoor in 2021, Madam Curry has already made its presence felt in the capital and plans to expand to other markets soon.

“Working on a delivery-only model, Madam Curry intends to become a world-renowned brand synonymous with experimental Indian cuisine. We hope to recreate the moment when a simple puff of food reminds people of the dishes prepared by their mothers. We believe we can do this because our brand delivers the same affection, delight and love to its customers that is synonymous with motherly love all over the world,” said Ishaan. YS Weekender.

The origin

Before Ishaan launched Madam Curry’s delivery-only label that experiments with classic recipes, he founded The Purple Plate, a bespoke catering company, in 2017. Over the past five years, she claims to have successfully served over 700 parties. The success of The Purple Plate was the driving force behind his experimentation and the creation of the Madam Curry menu, he says.

“I’ve taken the legacy of my catering business, The Purple Plate, and expanded it to cover a wider network through a delivery-only business. I’m happy to say Mrs. Curry is upping the ante by When it comes to cultural offerings and professionalism in the industry, we prepare delicious specialties and treat our customers’ taste buds in a way they have never experienced before,” says Ishaan.

With a post-graduate degree in hotel management from the renowned Institut Les Roches in Switzerland, Ishaan has worked for hotels like Shangri-La, New Delhi and The Oberoi, Gurugram, where he was part of the pre- opening and did a stint in banquet sales at ITC Maurya – a luxury collectible property. He is also a graduate in classic French cuisine from the International Institute of Culinary Arts.

As a teenager, Ishaan represented Delhi nationally in table tennis, which taught him the value of courage and determination – qualities he believes are necessary to succeed in any endeavor. He is a firm believer in giving back to society and has been closely associated with NGOs like Ekal Vidyalaya and Smile Foundation among others over the years.

Madame Curry has an interesting origin, which Ishaan explains: “Our brand is inspired by the great Polish-born scientist Marie Curie, also known as Madame Curie. His philosophy and practice clearly chose the joys of creativity through experimentation over striving for mathematical perfection. We have humbly adopted this philosophy in our company, in order to create a menu that is unique and experimental, while being delicious. Our packaging is also consistent with our concept of using chemical elements such as glasses, test tubes, periodic tables and tin as materials, keeping in mind our promise to only use biodegradable packaging that do not harm the environment.

What’s on offer?

Mrs. Curry is working on a delivery model only. Its base kitchen is in the Okhla industrial zone in Delhi, and it currently operates through two delivery kitchens, located in Greater Kailash Part I and Gurugram.

Their specialties include the DIY Palak Patte Ki Chaat, which is served with aloo bhujia, dahi, green chutney and saunth; Burrata Dahi Ke Kebab; Mrs. Curry Paneer Tikka; Sole with Cheddar Cheese; Rajasthani Laal Maas, which is made with the special mathania spice; Galouti with truffles and mushrooms; Sheep Galouti; Truffle Dal Makhani made with truffle oil; and Chicken Biryani.

Apart from these, they serve a variety of modern chaats, vegetarian and non-vegetarian starters, entrees, family meal combos, breads, condiments and desserts.

Prices range from Rs 265 for the chaats and go up to Rs 2,745 for the non-vegetarian family combo for six people.

Ishaan compares his dishes to the cooking of mothers. He said, “Do you remember the time when your mother used to make that butter chicken or dal makhani at home and just the smell of the cooking made your mouth water? What made her dishes special was the twist she tried or the secret ingredient she added to make it stand out. I have always believed that the magic of the dish lies in experimentation and not in reaching a standard of perfection! It’s the experience or that special touch as we call it, that makes the dish unique and authentic for your mom and makes you proudly invite your friends to enjoy something they’ve never had before.

Inspired by mothers, Madam Curry promises to recreate classic recipes with an experimental twist.

He shares, “Our goal is to bring freshness to North Indian cuisine by experimenting with different recipes. As a chef I have always enjoyed working with Indian cuisine as we can try out many variations of spices and ingredients to create fresh yet authentic flavors.

Madame Curry’s offers are available on Zomato, Swiggy as well as their website where they often offer exclusive offers and discounts for customers.

Challenges and growth

Emphasizing that although the pandemic posed many challenges for Madame Curry, it was after all a new venture – choosing to work on a dark kitchen delivery model, which was considered an essential service, they continued to serve their customers throughout.

Ishaan invested around Rs 25 lakh when he launched the brand. These fees included everything from branding and registration to research and development, as well as curating an exclusive menu. He now proudly shares that their brand has received an overwhelming response and is one of the highest rated brands on Swiggy, with a 4.7 rating. Ishaan claims to have seen a ~12% month-over-month growth since operations began last year.

This success is in line with the results of a report by RedSeer Management Consulting, which showed that cloud kitchens are expected to be a $2 billion industry in India by 2024. A significant improvement from the previous forecast of 400 million dollars in 2019.

Speaking about what is on offer, Ishaan Signs said, “We are rolling out some interesting experimental dishes like Dabeli Pao Bombs, which contain a Dabeli inside the pao. We will also be introducing seasonal fusion desserts like Mango Rasmalai to our menu. We plan to have three more outlets by the end of this year in Delhi-NCR, and by next year we also plan to expand to Mumbai.

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