This $4 kitchen spray totally eliminates cooking odors from fish, garlic, bacon and more.


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Even if you like to cook, you may not like the lingering smells of your meal. Salmon tastes delicious, but you probably don’t want to smell it all day. Of course you can try lit candles or open a window when cooking. However, Febreze launched a new spray in July that specifically targets kitchen smells – and it really works.

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$3.99 at target

Febreze AIR kitchen The spray has a bright lemon scent, and with a few sprays your kitchen can smell fresh again. According to the brand, the spray has twice as many odor-fighting ingredients as its other products, so it can tackle even the strongest odors, including bacon, garlic, onions, and, yes. , Fish.

I personally tried this spray because I’m obsessed with making my house smell clean. That said, it’s often easier said than done. I live in a little NYC apartment, and every time I cook, no matter what it is, my whole apartment smells like food until the next day. However, after trying the Febreze AIR Kitchen spray, I can say that it works perfectly. I also love that it’s water-based and 100% natural, especially if I spray it in a room where I cook and eat. Also, the lemon scent is not too powerful.

You can get Febreze AIR Kitchen online at Target for $3.99 and try it for yourself. Next time you’re cooking, keep the spray handy and spray the room when you’re done.

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