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In Henri taylor (Rizzoli Electa), the American artist Henri taylor and his work are presented by Sarah Lewis, Charles Gaines, Rachel Kaadzi Ghansah, and Zadie Smith, who, in a chapter titled “Promiscuous Painting: Henry Taylor All Over the Damn Place,” writes: “An awareness of the closeness and ever-present threat of poverty and abjection connects Taylor’s work to hip -hop he likes and refers to, mining Kendrick Lamar for titles or the face of Tupac for an installation, and painting several living portraits of rappers themselves. Taylor, who turned 60 this year, talks about a range of American subjects through his art, be it poverty, music, or racism (his 2017 painting, Times don’t change, fast enough! is a representation of the shooting of Philando Castille). Smith writes: “As viewers [of the Philando Castile painting], we’re being asked to do more than just watch an infamous shootout. The challenge is to see what it feels like to be shot. In [Taylor’s work,] the indignation of the newspapers becomes a pietà, motivated by an intimacy based not on real knowledge but rather on personal identification. For the artist, Smith notes, “this identification must be intense: his own grandfather, Ardmore Taylor, a horse trainer from East Texas, was ambushed, shot and killed by white men, in 1933, when Taylor’s father was only nine years old. old. But many African Americans will recognize Sunday school. It could have been my cousin. It could have been my brother. It could have been me.“(

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