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Shops of Saddle Creek stores are resisting pandemic. Only one is gone, but another will be leaving soon.

City Silo arrives in Germantown

Sur La Table is leaving the Memphis metropolitan area by closing its store in the Germantown Mall. There are “no immediate plans” to open another store in the area, according to a spokesperson. The products are on promotion until closing at the end of September.

The kitchen utensil store recently alerted Saddle Creek officials to the plans for closure. Kenneth Taylor, managing director of Trademark Property, said promotion of the 5,800 square foot space is already underway.

“It has been an unprecedented year,” said Taylor. “Chances are more spaces will close, but we are working with tenants individually to prevent this from happening. “

Raw Girls’ lease expires at the end of the month, but it left earlier due to heating, ventilation, and air conditioning issues. Preliminary discussions are underway with a potential permanent tenant, according to Taylor. The local health food and juice business opened as a pop-up in conjunction with City & State Café. Saddle Creek officials were hoping they could become a permanent tenant, but City & State vacated the space months ago.

The store was reportedly forced to move out under a deal with the new tenant of the City Silo Table + Pantry center, according to Taylor. Part of the deal includes language on clean restaurants that don’t compete with the restaurant that has a location on Sanderlin in East Memphis. City Silo moves into the space formerly occupied for a short time by Grimaldi’s Pizzeria.

“We did a lot of interior work and a lot of kitchen work. We redesigned the kitchen and added a new window to let in a little more natural light, ”said owner Scott Tashie.

Grimaldi’s had unique attributes, from the bar layout to the appearance of the ceiling. The new team has come in and kept some features but made them their own.

“We were able to take all of that and then take City Silo and marry them together,” Tashie said.

Scott’s co-owner and wife Rebecca Tashie said they are excited to join what already exists at Saddle Creek.

“Growing up in Memphis, Saddle Creek was such a fun and exciting space,” she said. “The atmosphere is really cool. We were delighted to be included.

Her husband noted that the Saddle Creek team have been great to work with.

“It’s no wonder they’ve built such an incredible brand,” he said.

When it opens later this fall or early winter, more shoppers will be heading to the center although some are using curbside and take-out options.

Taylor is hoping the pandemic doesn’t hit the Germantown mall too hard, as the number of shoppers continues to grow each month.

“We expect this trend to continue,” he said. “We are also following local guidelines to only operate at 50% of capacity, with a few tenants still not reopening or operating at reduced hours.”

The shopping center also follows the guidelines and recommendations of the health authorities. He looks forward to the coming months and the finalization of the seasonal and vacation plans recognizes the potential for more traffic.

Apple remains closed throughout Tennessee, but the Huntsville, Alabama store opened recently, so it’s hoping the Germantown store reopening isn’t far behind. Most of the stores in Saddle Creek are the only ones of their kind in the Memphis market, and Taylor knows it attracts customers.

“What sets Saddle Creek apart is our well-refined mix of tenants and merchandise, with 70% of tenants unique in the market,” he said. “We’re also focused on innovation and a strong community engagement through events, where that’s safe, as well as offering local pop-up stores. “

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