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Hilary Mugisha, is a decorating expert who is popular for her decorative string crafts. Mugisha says he started manufacturing during the first Covid-19 lockdown after watching a video on Tik-Tok. As an interior designer, Mugisha says his job is basically to add ornamental elements to a space.
Mugisha says that for some, decorating comes naturally, but for others like him, they invest a lot of time in researching and learning trends and basics.

Use what already exists
Mugisha, whose forte is wall decor, says the trick is to get great wall art that speaks to the customer. Each client has unique tastes and it is the decorator’s job to discover and interpret them in a practical way.
“Rather than trying to change absolutely everything in the room, look at what is already there that you can work with. This means that instead of having to think of a totally independent concept, you will add elements that accentuate the unique elements of the space. You can mix the old and the new however you like as long as it looks stylish,” says Mugisha.

The colors make the difference
Mugisha notes that a good color palette can make all the difference in your space, while the wrong color can completely ruin the look.
Sometimes it’s hard to tell which type of color will work, but that shouldn’t be an excuse to use all the colors of the rainbow.
When in doubt, follow the interior design rule of proportions 60 + 30 + 10. The formula can be interpreted as follows: 60% should be the dominant color, 30% the secondary color and 10% the accent color . Your palette can have more than three colors but less than five.
“If the curtains are gold, the seats can be cream, and the carpets can be a mix of the two colors,” he says.
Mugisha says for those with smaller rooms, having things like accent mirrors can give the space the illusion of spaciousness. He recommends indoor plants as a way to bring nature into your indoor space.

Delete some items
According to Mugisha, interior design is as much about what you add as what you take away.
“When a room has a lot of stuff, no matter how expensive, it looks messy and outdated. Your home is not a showroom where everything has to be on display, you have to leave some space visual to breathe,” says Mugisha.
If your table tops are cluttered with decor, remove everything and put back only half. If your shelves are already filled with beautiful decorative items, try pulling one out for more space.

Don’t become a slave to trends
Although as decorators we are always on the lookout for the latest trends, you shouldn’t make them your only source of inspiration or information.
“I have nothing against following trends, your home should be your sanctuary and a place that brings you joy, so I say live with what you love. Please don’t try to introduce color palettes or artwork in your home just because it’s trendy,” says Mugisha.
If you’re the type of person who likes to follow trends, Mugisha says the best way to do that while still maintaining some uniqueness is with layering.
“When you have different trends layered expertly, your home will have that fresh, yet classic look that is key to the perfect space. Most importantly, filling your home with personal touches and good quality products will help you create a space you love and one that will keep you happy for much longer,” says the interior designer.

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