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Maggie Siff, Asia Kate Dillon

Maggie Siff, Asia Kate Dillon
Photo: Jeff Neumann (Show time)

The “previously on BillionThe segment warns us that some familiar faces will appear this week, giving your faithful recaps a warning about characters from the past that we will need to see again. One of those faces, that of Danny Strong’s Todd Krakow, never appears in the episode proper, despite being a key figure in the ongoing power struggle between the state and the attorneys general. federal. Callbacks to Wags meandering a coveted burial ground of Michael Kostroff’s Mick Nussfaur sound like a strategic error, in retrospect; I didn’t understand the end of the story of “Wags in a dress” even with these clues, but I bet some of you did.

And then there’s Victor Mateo, a long-time dismissal from Ax Capital, but still a useful puppet for Ax during the Ice Juice era. Now, Victor isn’t taking Axis calls anymore, and it doesn’t take long to find out because he’s under an SEC investigation for insider trading. Ax isn’t too worried about this until he finds out that Taylor had planted a Trojan horse in his deal with Victor’s company making Ax a part owner. If Victor falls, so does he. Ax asks his new best friend Chuck yet another favor, but there’s too much heat on the federal side, and connecting the dots between Chuck and Ax would be too easy for Jeffcoat and his minions. Ax must find another way to solve the problem, but he can’t bring himself to discuss it with the person who is probably best suited to help him, his new girlfriend Rebecca Cantu.

Enter Malin Akerman, in her first (and only?) Appearance of the season as Lara Axelrod. Ax needs to shut down before he can continue with Rebecca, so he releases Lara from their agreement that she and the boys stay in New York City until they graduate from high school. It makes Lara wonder what their life would have been like if they hadn’t become so rich, but Ax crushes this question: “There never would have been a different version.” Freed from this mental block, Ax is able to move beyond the “maximum recreational depth” at which his romance with Rebecca left off. He also finds a solution to his problem Victor (as always, the solution is money), the latter finding himself in the pen of the relievers of Ax Cap. The past always comes back to haunt Billion.

Condola Rashad, Toby Leonard Moore

Condola Rashad, Toby Leonard Moore
Photo: Jeff Neumann (Show time)

For Taylor, that means reliving a familiar cycle with their father. Douglas Mason’s design has a working prototype, so it’s time to take the next step. For Taylor, that means bringing in additional investors, but burnt out by his past experience with financiers, Douglas wants Taylor to fund it personally. Taylor calls their father on his “pathology,” reminding him that he was actually fired for working on a personal project during company time, then taking him across the street to a rival. Douglas has to admit he’s not the smartest in the room, at least when it comes to finances.

Taylor has the brains, but also the empathy that most other characters lack, even though, in Wendy’s words, they don’t present themselves that way. Proving once again that she can find herself in the mud with the rest of them, Wendy uses this empathy along with notes from her past sessions with Taylor to understand that they are trying to mend the barriers with their father in through a new project. (This isn’t the first time Wendy has also used Mafee to collect additional information about work in progress.) Her conclusion is that Taylor must be manipulated into destroying the relationship with their father, which seems psychopathic even by Billion standards.

At home, Wendy has relegated Chuck to the guest bedroom, which does not prevent her from undressing in her bedroom (in a very Tony Soprano gesture). When she sees that he’s self-harming, she agrees to let him see a dominatrix, who attacks her new gig with an enthusiasm that even takes Chuck by surprise. Seeing Chuck trying to cover up his black eye, Wendy is sure everyone will assume she gave it to him, and of course, she is right. It doesn’t help that Chuck has a court appearance, as his chess match with Connerty continues to unfold.

Enter another familiar face, Rob Morrow’s Judge DeGiulio, who helps Chuck shoot a quick by pretending to be interested pursuing a case against Krakow, knowing that Connerty will try to wrest the case from him. When he does, it causes a virtual rift between Connerty and Jeffcoat, who doesn’t want his subordinate to pursue a case against a cabinet official. This is exactly how Chuck planned it, but to his credit, Connerty understands this and turns the matter over to his former boss.

Connerty’s emergence as a worthy opponent of Chuck can only be a good thing from a story standpoint, although it certainly is a bad thing for Chuck. After being denied a wiretap warrant for Chuck and Senior by DeGiulio, Connerty finds a judge more receptive to the idea. The table is set for a strategic battle that can be a little more balanced than expected. Your turn, Chuck.

Stray observations

  • Rhoades children doe their first appearance of the season just minutes before Lara. Congratulations to everyone who won their office pools.
  • Were you worried that you would never see Paul Giamatti with a safety pin in his nipple? Billion have you covered!
  • Wags compares his planned revenge against Nussfauer to his orgasms: slow, thunderous, and “in your eyes.” Ewww.

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