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Cheesecake? Check.

Miami atmosphere? Yes.

Nostalgia? Totally.

“The Golden Girls” kitchen will offer all of this and more when it arrives in Chicago. The pop-up restaurant aims to open in the spring of 2023 in a “secret location”.

The immersive experience will pay homage to the iconic sitcom, ringing bells from famous Miami locations where characters Blanche, Rose, Dorothy and Sophia have reunited throughout the show’s seven seasons.

From the menu, foodies and fans will be able to choose one of the sitcom’s four staple dishes called “Golden Main” entrees.

Meals include Sophia’s Al Forno lasagna with garlic bread and a potato and bacon lettuce sandwich served with fries – both dishes will also have vegan options.

The Lanai, a “Miami Style” Cuban sandwich, will also be up for grabs, alongside the Rose Marie Combo, a soup and salad side dish.

Of course, each meal will be accompanied by a slice of cheesecake, in flavors of pumpkin, strawberry, chocolate or Oreo.

Reservations will start at $49 for a 90-minute tour.

Sides, sweets, drinks and additional merchandise will be available for purchase.

Although tickets are not yet available, those interested can join a waiting list to stay up to date with information.

Bucket Listers, the tourism organization behind the pop-up, launched the experience over the summer in Beverly Hills. The pop-up will soon make its mark in New York, while Miami and San Francisco are also set to be visited later this year.

“The Golden Girls” aired on NBC from 1985 to 1992, chronicling the lives of four women who lived together.

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