The best Christmas tree decorating trends 2021 and how to create a stylish look this holiday season



Even if you installed your tree in December, if you haven’t installed your Christmas decorations yet, you will probably be thinking about having it installed this weekend. So what are the decor trends to know for this year?

Traditional festive schemes of red, green, and gold are still popular, but there are more options than ever this year, whether your taste is pastel shades, neon lights, or classic white.

Whether you are looking for new decorations or hanging on to old ones that have been in the family for years, you can always participate in current Christmas trends and make your home look stylish for the holiday season.

Decorating the house at Christmas doesn’t stop at the tree – there are lights, wreaths, and many other ornaments and trinkets you can adorn your home with.

Natural connection

The rekindling of the national love affair with nature that took place during the lockdown inspired a trend for natural materials that spilled over into Christmas decor, according to John Lewis Christmas shopper Jason Billings -Cray, who predicts that “this love story is here to stay”.

The inspiration for the brand’s Christmas looks for this year ranges from snow-capped mountains to twilight forests and coastal sunsets (top photo), and there are plenty of natural-themed baubles and table decorations, from birds and animals with trees and flowers.

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