The 4 best Easter decor trends for 2021



Easter is a feast of hope and positivity: for many, a symbol of the end of winter, and the promise of summer days to come. This year, we need this elevator more than ever. Gatherings of six people or two households are allowed in the private gardens from tomorrow, and as the first ‘event’ of the year, it is an opportunity to bring some fresh, springtime colors into the house and the garden, get creative with your decor and turn Easter weekend into a suitable occasion.

The joy of Easter decorating is that you can decorate your home without the stress associated with Christmas – which is why Easter-themed decorating has become a growing trend, and December traditions have been given a touch of spring, pastel-colored crackers with the emergence of Easter trees.

You might not decide to go that far, but crafts inspired by the onset of spring are a great way to keep kids entertained. It can be as simple as making paper chains in sweet tones to string on shelves, painting eggs to make a centerpiece for the table, or arranging a bouquet of dried flowers. The key is to be inspired by the bright and luminous mood of the season, and finally to close the door on what has been a very long winter.

Start with the table

Spending time setting the table will turn a meal into an event, whether you’re inviting friends to your backyard or hosting a festive family brunch. “Spring is the time for reinvention, so why not try a floral tablecloth and bring those seasonal tones into your table setting, with matching flowers for the full effect? Says event designer Alice Wilkes. Stylist Melanie Lissack suggests using soft pastels rather than bright colors “to create a fancy Easter table that isn’t too childish,” and to mix up accessories made from natural materials such as burlap. , rattan and jute. “Paint the ceramic eggs with old tester pot paint and add an eyelet name tag for a personalized cover,” she adds.

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