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As Easter approaches, we thought it might be inspiring to put together a few ideas that can help you create a special day at home. Maria Reidy Events made it easy by working with some of her industry contacts to bring you some great ideas for home entertainment.

Whether it’s grabbing a Rhubarb Bellini, dressing up, or creating a cute table with extra decor, they’ve got you covered!

Rabbit ears napkin fold

Pick your napkin – fold it into a triangle, roll it up, wrap it around your egg and tie it with a ribbon or string.

The crease works best with a square napkin (any material – even paper works!)

Mix and match glassware

Maria and her team love the combination of colorful and eclectic glassware with crisp white linen. Use what you have at home – try using similar color tones to give a cohesive look.

Color pop

Forget the usual pastels in favor of bright, vivid colors that celebrate spring.

Mix and match the stems from your local grocery store or garden, very often what you need is right outside your door.

A collection of small vases or old bottles, such as empty gin bottles, a mismatched look can work well if the colors are brought together by the flowers.

The bottles of Blue Drumshambo Gunpowder Gin are really adorable for this.

Decorate your table with your dessert

Whether it’s homemade or store bought, why not make your cake a feature.

An easy way to decorate your Easter table is to use your dessert as a centerpiece.

Place the dessert of your choice on a cake stand and arrange it in the center of the table.

Remember to cover it with a glass dome to avoid stray fingers during dinner.


Maria advises to always work with the environment. Rather than putting on something that doesn’t seem out of place or that is foreign to the space, think about what is already in the room.

The table should not compete with its surroundings. Ask yourself; is it a modern and contemporary, rustic or old setting?

How will the shapes, structures, and frame work when people come in?

What will be the most visually striking configuration?

Get dressed

We have some unusual times and it makes the day special when you put in the effort to put on some glam!

If you have young children, offer them to make an Easter hat with a prize for the best of the day!

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