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People around the world celebrate Star Trek Day on September 8 to celebrate the legacy of one of the greatest stories, movies, and TV shows in history. As one of pop culture’s most beloved works, “Star Trek” still enjoys a loyal fan base, even after so many years.
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Since I’m not on Facebook, I sometimes “appear” in a segment of a podcast associated with a social media contact. Discord Group which has been great in terms of having another online community outlet. It is on a slightly smaller and more synchronous scale than DK.

I’m currently ambivalent about continuing my “live” participation because as we know more about public exposure, even a restricted broadcast can invite other unwanted and annoying attentions like doxxing etc. I like to help out with a weekly reading group in Discord linked to the show if only to hone my study skills by doing a few small presentations.

I prefer to write here because it is a daily activity and I am grateful to those who have shown interest in my writings. Even then, it’s a distraction from doing other things around the house that I still have to work on. It’s a lot like those Friday plays here because of the specificity and courtesy of the band.

In general, I have other post-graduate research work to do that is important to me before I get rid of this deadly coil.



The ‘Feldo community’ of about 100+ people who serve as an on-air audience has been fun because it has people from my generation (OK, Boomer) and is generally diverse with an interesting mix of people, well that there are political tensions, much like the usual DK issues. The Discord platform helps to strengthen the community.

The podcast’s eponymous host, David Feldman, deserves your attention because he’s the kind of writer and comedian who follows a tradition that dates back to Mort Sahl, and he’s written for comedians like Bill Maher and Dennis Miller. before they became fascists. . I love being in this talk community because it’s as close to a comedy writers room as it gets.

From this group and because of the recently imposed COVID Zoom culture, I met some interesting people and shared some interests. I haven’t actually shared a meal with anyone, anywhere, for several years now. Maybe that will change, although I doubt it. We haven’t resumed gathering Kossaks IRL yet, especially in my very NIMBY state.

Recently, some cultural things like Star Trek foodwhich means how much people bond over shared meals, is a continuous subject matter in many episodesunlike feature films.

Here are some tips from this Discord community on these treats. Note that I’m probably more of a casual Trekkie, especially since I prefer later trek “universes”, but I’m happy to rewatch the original series episodes in color rather than monochrome.

Edible star trek scenes even connect terrestrial fans to famous foods that ship travelers will encounter in the future. Beginning with Ensign Ro in Star Trek: The Next Generation and Colonel Kira in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine then jump over 930 years into the future with Adira Tal in Star Trek: Discoveryconsistent references to spicy Bajoran hasperat across space and time in the star trek the universe satisfies fans’ taste for canonical consistency and continuity.…

Almost all the Trek the show features scenes of the crew in the mess eating. Frequently, each of the crew members eats a unique meal, depending on their dietary needs, cooking preferences, or both.

From a narrative perspective, these scenes can be important in moving the plot forward, especially when it comes to storylines that have entered into the personal or social life of the crew. However, the fact that each member of the crew can be assured that they will be fully fed each day is more important than it seems at first glance.…

A list of foods and drinks from the Star Trek universe:


Hasperat was a well-known spicy Bajoran food resembling a wrap sandwich. It was made using a specially prepared brine, which if made correctly would make your eyes water and your tongue burn. Another method of serving hasperat was in a hasperat soufflé. (DS9: “Sacrifice of Angels”) Hasperat was one of many foods prepared for Bajoran comfort…

Hasperat oddly resembles our smoked salmon or sea trout rolls. Did the Bajoran sow life on Earth or did the Vikings travel farther than man has gone before and bring lakseruller on their planet? They make a tasty snack or appetizer. You take lefse which is a chapati type potato flatbread, coat it with a creamy goat cheese, slices of smoked salmon, or my preference, smoked sea trout, thinly sliced ​​shallot, fresh ground pepper, arugula and of course coriander and then roll it up and cut it into slices.

Plomeek soup or Plomeek broth was a Vulcan food. It was generally described as bland in taste, although variations such as a spicy version did exist. It was considered a traditional morning meal on Vulcan. (ENT: “Unexpected”) Plomeek broth and soup were commonly offered aboard the Enterprise, including at breakfast in 2151.


Any Trek fan worth their salt (included in Starfleet emergency rationsby the way) knows that Romulan beer is one of the franchise’s most referenced food and beverage products. It is an ultra-potent blue drink that is said to cause instant intoxication. [After the jump, recipes for Romulan ale, Klingon bloodwine, and why Vulcans hate barbecue.]

Science fiction often holds up a mirror to contemporary culture, criticizing its practices, politics and mores. Same with Romulan beer. Due to the clash between the United Federation of Planets and the Romulan Empire, the drink is illegal within the Federation, much like Cuban cigars in the United States. But like captains of industry today, captains of ships indulge in this vice. As Kirk said in The Unknown Country, the systematic violation of the embargo is “one of the advantages of being a thousand light years from Federation headquarters”.

His Romulan proper name may be kali fal.

Receipts: There are several recipes for Earth-bound Romulan beer.

Romulan Foods…

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