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If a flight to France for fine dining is out of your price range, purchase the Table Sale for the next best thing.

Cooking at home has become a new favorite pastime for many during the pandemic, elevating their chef’s game to restaurant quality. However, before calling Gordon Ramsay to check your kitchen, make sure you have all the top-notch equipment.

Sur La Table makes the kitchen transformation much easier, as they are currently holding their warehouse sale, until July 12th. % reduction on the price of tickets.

After sorting out your cupboards and throwing away the dull knives and rusty pans, shop all the sale on the site Sur La Table, or keep reading below for some inspiration to get yourself into the kitchen faster than you can say “Bon appétit”.

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When it comes to amazing cookware, Le Creuset is the name of the game.

While pots and pans can be pricey, now is the time to get your own set. The 3.5-ounce jar is on sale now, over $ 100 off the ticket price. The pot is available in a variety of colors to match any kitchen counter, including shades of blue, red, orange, and black.

An Instant Pot cooker on a wooden countertop
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We advise you to go to the Sur La Table sale now, otherwise you risk missing out on this offer.

The coveted Instant Pot is now on sale for just $ 75, down from the original $ 100. With your $ 25 in savings, head to the grocery store to buy meat, veg, or whatever you love to cook and we bet the Instant Pot Duo Nova is ready to cook it to perfection.

A set of three black saucepans with silver handles
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Everyone hails a sale and everyone hails All-Clad.

The three-pot set is on sale now, at $ 85 less than the original price. The set includes an 8 inch casserole dish, a 10 inch casserole dish, and the larger 12 inch casserole dish, perfect for cooking multiple dishes at once or for feeding a hungry family.

An espresso machine making a cup of coffee
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No need for added caffeine to energize you for this offer.

The Espressione Concierge espresso machine is now on sale at a huge price. While the high-tech coffee maker normally costs $ 950, it is now only under $ 500 at the warehouse sale. Not only can it take whole beans and turn them into a hot cup of coffee, but the machine also comes with a milk frother for lattes all day long.

A Tupperware board with labels and a pen
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Make meal prep a breeze and prevent pesky roommates from eating your leftovers with these containers.

Made by Sur La Table themselves, the 20-pack includes 10 assorted containers and lids, plus a dry-erase pen so you can name and date any leftovers and eliminate food waste. Another advantage is that the containers are made of glass, which makes them compatible with the oven, freezer and dishwasher.

A wooden knife block and a cutting board with bread
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Sur La Table is cutting prices left and right, and just halved it.

Save $ 388 on this premium knife set, paying less than $ 300 for the 8-piece block. Normally kitchen knives, blocks, and sheers would set you back close to $ 700, so hopefully you get right to the point and grab those knives before they sell out.

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