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While Halloween decorating used to consist of carving a few pumpkins and maybe hanging a ghost or two, it all seems a bit quaint in the age of gigantic outdoor decorating.

If you’re hoping to scare your neighbors and cheaters this year, Sam’s Club sells a 12-foot-tall hanging mower that should easily do the trick. This spooky piece of Member’s Mark Halloween decor has animated flashing LED eyes, sound effects, and is remote-activated up to 17 feet away, so you can control how spooky you want it to be without even stepping outside. .

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With all these features and the size of this thing, don’t expect to find this in Sam’s bargain section. The 12-foot reaper figure is priced at $160. The ornament can be hung from a tall tree or can even be hung to look like it is flying around your garden with hanging hooks that would work on your porch, trees or even indoors – if you have enough space. ‘space.

As if he wasn’t scary enough already, this detailed figure is also full of spooky, light-hearted sayings to accompany the built-in sound effects that include creaking doors and spooky laughter.

You’ll need a Sam’s Club membership to purchase the harvester, but you can get a map online before ordering. Memberships start at $45 per year for standard club access or $100 per year for a Plus membership, which includes perks like free shipping and 2% back in Sam’s Cash on qualifying purchases.

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Although not as tall as the Hanging Reaper, Sam’s Club offers a few other oversized outdoor decorations in the slightly less terrifying height range of 6-8 feet.

For example, the $120 Cemetery Phantom stands over 6 feet tall and has motion-activated lights, sounds, and animations. With a skeleton face and a glowing lantern, the ghost is covered in torn clothes and, let’s face it, looks straight out of your nightmares.

The Cemetery Phantom has three 18-second recordings that range from a creepy laugh to a chilling monologue about “the shadows of the night,” while his face and lantern glow and his torso sways from side to side. other. It can be used indoors or outdoors using the base and support poles that are part of the set or it can be used as a hanging decoration if you remove the base.

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If you’re looking to lessen the scares, you’ll also find a towering 8-foot scarecrow and 8 1/2-foot Mr. Halloween, both of which are more festive and fun than downright spooky.

The Towering Scarecrow has motion-activated lights, sounds and animations. Priced at $180, the scarecrow’s realistic LCD eyes light up and move, while its head spins as it utters a variety of friendly sayings to greet tricksters. Some sayings include, “Have we met before? It’s hard to remember. My head is stuffed with so much straw,” “I love the fall weather, don’t you? and “Happy fall, y’all!”

Of course, he’s dressed in typical farmer’s clothing, including a hat, realistic straw, bandana, and overalls.

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Priced at $200, the hulking Mr. Halloween is also more friend than foe and comes dressed in a costume complete with top hat and purple bow tie. Like the others, it’s pre-lit and has motion-activated features.

Mr. Halloween turns his pumpkin head from side to side and the motion sensor illuminates his face and walking stick. For indoor or outdoor use, it happily greets cheaters and Halloween party guests with fun sayings that shouldn’t make anyone want to run home screaming.

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You’ll find more gigantic Halloween decorations for 2022 at Spirit Halloween, Party City,, Oriental Trading, and at big-box stores like Home Depot, which has a 12-foot skeleton, and Lowe’s, where you can get a 12-foot animated mummy.

Are you excited to decorate for Halloween?

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