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Aubree Siffring set the table for a purple ribbon at the Butler County Fair’s 4-H style show on the evening of Thursday, July 19, with her choice of material for her dress.

The seventh-grade student from Rising City learned to choose fabric and designed her wrap-around dress using a solid plastic tablecloth most commonly seen at picnics and parties in summer. The orange tablecloth costs a few dollars at a local store.

“I made the dress with a tablecloth because I like to do stuff with other (unusual) items,” smiled the 12-year-old 4-H’er just before taking the stage to model her outfit for a crowd of overflowing families. , friends and others gathered for the track portion of the show.

Siffring gave audiences a clear glimpse into her creation, modeling during side-to-side twists while smiling mischievously at the viewers, who greeted each of the show’s models with a constant stream of pauses in applause.

The dress, Siffring said, was held together with Velcro closures and elastic elastic bands at the waist and neckline.

Purple ribbon winners and their ages in the style show included: Addison Zook, purple, 14; Mary Kate Moravec, violet, 9; Becca Podolak, purple, 10; Kaleigh Ruth, purple, 8; and Maggie Svec, violet, 13 years old. Kaitlyn Palik, 11, captured a blue ribbon on the show.

David City’s Svec claimed her purple ribbon after noticing that she had grown too big for her coat and needed a replacement. The eighth grader took part in the shopping and styling division, finding a classic purple trench coat that she modeled for the crowd of people standing.

“I really liked looking for him,” said Svec, 13, before taking the stage.

4-H’er Becca Podolak took an interest in comfort in the kitchen with its entry into the stylish living room.

The 10-year-old girl from David City said she was interested in designing a practical and easy-to-use apron for cooking and serving food.

It didn’t take long to assemble and it wasn’t expensive, according to notes prepared for her pre-show model walk.

“I spent two days riding it,” Podolak said, adding “and it cost $ 8”.

The fair’s 4-H Static Award winners included: Meagan Janak, Junior Food Preservation Champion; Simon Kelley, senior food preservation champion; Parker Robinson, health and safety champion; Kennen Robinson, aerospace champion; Isaac Archuleta, champion of science, technology and engineering; Kaitlyn Palik, Conservation and Wildlife Champion – Beginner; Natalie Summers, champion of advanced conservation and wildlife; Jonathan Duke, forestry champion; Matthew Duke, general champion of the weed and grass identification competition; Matthew Duke, general champion of the horticultural identification competition; Matthew Duke, general champion of the insect identification competition; Matthew Duke, general champion of the Tree ID competition; Antonia Wachal, Intermediate Cake Decorating Champion; Jason Bongers, Junior Cake Decorating Champion; Trenton Van Veldhizen, rookie champion in clothing and textiles; Addison Zook, champion of advanced clothing and textiles; Maggie Svec, champion advanced beyond the needle; Knit and crochet champion Reese Kozisek; Junior Division Fashion Show Champion Kaleigh Ruth; Aubree Siffring, Senior Division Fashion Show Champion; Kate Janak, Junior Food Champion; Claire Wisnieski, Senior Food Champion; Rebecca Andel, Home Environment Champion for Beginners; Alex Carter, Advanced Home Environment Champion; Antonia Wachal, champion of natural sciences; Simon Kelly, horticultural champion; Maggie Svec, Citizenship / Heritage Champion; Claire Wisnieski, champion of human development; Cole Martinez, champion of photography; Becca Podolak, Junior Quilt Quest Champion; Wyatt Steager, Recycling Champion and Dakoda Schneider, Recycling Reserve Champion.

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