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Looking at my meal schedule for the rest of the month, I plan to have a good time at Toothsome Chocolate Emporium and Savory Feast Kitchen. This location continues to be the most difficult reservation to acquire at Universal Orlando. While the desserts taste great while being photogenic, the savory creations also deserve some credit. The combination of salty and sweet keeps the tables full at Toothsome.

Recently I had the privilege of having lunch with friends at Toothsome Chocolate Emporium and Savory Feast Kitchen. Until then, I had never ordered a burger from Toothsome. Since I have dined here several times, I felt that day deserved a burger to remedy the situation. After little thought about my plan, I randomly chose “The Pub It Up Burger” for lunch.

The Pub It Up Burger is $17.95. The menu description tells an interesting story. The burger includes a half pound homemade burger patty. I didn’t ask how the ‘house’ made the burger patty. Some questions shouldn’t be asked in public, I guess. As you can imagine, the burgers come with fries. In this case, the fries tasted better than the average Orlando area theme park table service fries. The fries were also served piping hot. I appreciate that.

My burger concoction also offered andouille sausage queso, cheddar cheese, Dijon mustard and kettle crisps in a pretzel bun. Most of all, I was looking forward to the pretzel bun covered in various flavors of cheese.

So how was that burger?

First off, for a half pound burger, I was expecting a bigger burger. Especially with all those toppings, I thought the portion sizes were small for this burger. I know I dine out once in a while professionally but I finished that burger and fries still hungry. The pretzel bread disappointed me. The flavor is average. The texture of the bread seemed tough even for a pretzel bread. The kettle chips in the burger offered an intriguing possible texture and crunch. However, I found neither.

On the plus side, the queso in this burger makes it work. I’d be curious how this queso would taste on a pretzel or tortilla chips. The quality cheddar cheese also added great flavor. Both varieties of cheese served as the highlight of this burger. The burger patties’ readiness rates are above average but nothing out of the ordinary. Of course, how could someone who wouldn’t specifically taste the burger for a restaurant review say under all those toppings?

Overall my experience doesn’t match most people ordering burgers here. The burgers are usually high quality table-served burgers here. I will try another burger here at some point, but this one is a great idea. However, it suffers from a potential lack of execution and/or too many toppings.

As always, eat your way!

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