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According to recent research, the frequency of family dinners has dropped by 33% over the past 20 years. With many women working full time and juggling other activities, it is becoming increasingly difficult to prepare food seven days a week. With the release of the new podcast episode, The Giant Builders is helping families find the time for a delicious shared meal.

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Kare Martin offers tips and strategies to help busy moms prepare healthy family meals in less time. A former professional chef, Martin now runs an online coaching business for meal planning.

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In the interview, Kare explains that the first step in his coaching program is to ask clients what success in this area means to them. While answers vary, she says most moms want to have a few stress-free sit-down meals with their family.

Martin’s goal is to help working moms get rid of the guilt that usually comes with not being able to cook all the meals for the family. She advises using the 80/20 principle. The idea is for moms to plan and prepare 80% of family meals, while allowing the family to eat takeout or leftovers 20% of the time.

The biggest planning tip is to start meal planning early. Martin’s “Think Ahead Thursday” strategy helps busy moms start thinking ahead so that by the time Monday rolls around, they’ve had plenty of time to sort through their meal planning.

Her top food prep tip is to start preparing food as soon as you get home from the grocery store. Timely defrosting is facilitated by setting a reminder on the phone. Martin also explains the benefits of having a meal recipe hub that you know how to cook and using a digital app to create a grocery list based on the ingredients required.

Speaking of picky eaters, Martin says they should be given one night a week where their favorite meal is eaten, but they shouldn’t be served all the time.

Kare says, “As a former personal chef, mother and wife, I know how to consistently and quickly get delicious, healthy meals on the table.”

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