Plainfield home’s ‘Stranger Things’ decor sparks controversy



A suburban home wins Halloween this year.

In Plainfield, controversy surrounds a house displaying “Stranger Things” decoration.

The attraction started to attract attention some time ago as it took the family two months to install. The Stranger Things theme is complete with a floating Max from the hit Netflix show.

The family officially opened the attraction last weekend, and after 1,500 visitors on Saturday and probably a thousand more on Sunday, they hit a snag.

Someone on the cul-de-sac wasn’t happy with all the attention.

The decoration took 1,500 hours to build, and this is the fourth year this family has gone to the max with Halloween decorations.


They say they asked their neighbors for help and received it months ago when they started.

So on Sunday night, when a disgruntled neighbor showed he was upset, the family decided to close.

“We went to bed, we announced that we were permanently closed. And Monday morning we woke up and the incredible support we saw from our community, from people who don’t live here, from people around the world who were Don’t do this. It’s crazy. Don’t you know you’re doing something awesome. Don’t let anyone mess it up. So we kinda changed our minds,” Aubrey Appel said.

The family is heading to Joliet City Hall on Wednesday to see if they really are doing everything kosher. If they are, they will reopen.

If they are not, the lights go out again for Max.

“You just want to do something for the community, for the kids to come and see and be like, ‘Oh my god. Look at this. It’s so cool! ‘” Appel said.

You can find out what’s going on by following the family on their Tik Tok, search for “Horror Props”.

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