Pikmin fingerboard decoration will skate for a limited time


Since August 13, 2022, the new key decoration is visible in Pikmin Pikmin Flower, By completing weekly challenges from August 15 to August 28, 2022, you can earn Golden Seeds that evolve into temporary Pikmin Key Decorations! Even if you only earn one star, you will get a golden seed. (But if you stop in the middle, you won’t get any.) There are four types in total: Red, Yellow, Purple, and the Winged Pikmin.

Grow Gold Sprouts to become a sideboard decorating pikmin in just 100 steps!

Pikmin Flower
Pikmin Flower

You can also find large sprouts with special event symbols if you wander around during the event period. These sprouts also become key decoration pikmins.

A fingerboard is a famous toy that looks like a small skateboard, which I loved when I was a kid. You can “mount” it with two fingers and do “cool stuff” with it! Jumping, turning and more can be learned, but they certainly don’t come close to the feel of a real skateboard. These decorative Pikmin keys are available in a variety of prints and patterns.

  • You can have a gold seed and a big seed with the special event icon at the same time.
  • If you already have a special event icon, you cannot get another big seed. But once you let it mature and pick a Pikmin, you can get another one.
  • Key Decoration Pikmin can only spawn from golden sprouts and large sprouts with a special event icon. You cannot counter them with red, yellow, purple, or winged Pikmins by increasing your friendship level.
  • Fat Sprouts marked with a special event icon will continue to evolve into Pikmin Key decorations even after the event ends.

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