Outdoor Christmas Decorating Ideas – Stylish Festive Looks For Your Porch, Yard And Windows


Is there anything more merry at Christmas than walking the streets admiring everyone’s Christmas lights? The oohs and ahhs when you see a house that is very special, very shiny, and looks so welcoming that you have to refrain from knocking on the door in the hopes of being greeted for a glass of mulled wine and a slice of Christmas cake.

In fact, we admit, the outdoor Christmas decorating ideas fill us with more joy than the decorations that are beyond the front door because they are something we can all admire. So this year we would like to think and put as much effort into our outdoor decorations as we do indoors and if you also want your home to be the most impressive on the street, we have a lot of ideas. of fabulously festive Christmas decorations to inspire you …

Outdoor Christmas decorating ideas to brighten up your interior

1. Create a comfortable outdoor living room

Coz outdoor living room decorated for Christmas

(Image credit: The White Company)

As the night begins and the temperatures drop, we understand that it is tempting to ignore your garden or veranda until it starts to warm up a bit, but spend time outdoors even during the colder months can be so warm and festive that you quickly forget that it is minus three degrees. So why not copy this lovely outdoor Christmas decorating idea from The White Company and create a cozy outdoor living room that not only looks pretty with all the candles and string lights, but creates the perfect place to snuggle up with a hot wine.

“No matter the size of your outdoor space, you can still create the perfect atmosphere for outdoor entertaining if the weather permits. Whether on a patio or in a corner of the garden, the key is to take as much care of it as a dining room, ”advises Chrissie Rucker, founder of The White Company. “Think of some interesting ways to decorate the space, light it carefully, hang string lights, flickering tea lights, and storm lanterns work well outdoors and will give you a lot of atmosphere. Very good quality seat cushions make sitting on any hardwood or metal furniture much more comfortable and add soft throws to warm and soften the chair backs and drape the knees.

2. Take your Christmas meal outside

Outdoor Christmas table by Neptune

(Image credit: Neptune)

We spent much of Christmas and last winter drinking and dining outside and this year it seems like it’s a current trend to have your Christmas table outside. Now we don’t suggest you have your full Christmas dinner outdoors, but on a clear winter day give your outdoor furniture a festive spruce top with throws and cushions, and of course, the candles. can add all the Christmas cheer your garden needs. Also, string fairy lights into the surrounding greenery to make it even more magical as the evening wears off.

“Don’t forget your outdoor space during Christmas time. Whether it’s a view from your dining room or an outdoor experience you want to create, keep your fairy lights from summer to winter. ‘ advises Suzy Humphreys. founder of Layered Lounge. Arrange outdoor lanterns around and prepare the fire pit for a mulled toddy or mulled wine outside in one of our beautiful copper mugs. Keep a supply of throws at the back door in a stylish rattan basket to grab and keep warm on those chilly afternoons / early evenings. ‘

3. Fill your trees with fairy lights

Garden illuminated for Christmas with IKEA lights

(Image credit: IKEA)

So simple, yet so effective, nothing beats fairy lights when it comes to outdoor Christmas decorating. And we say the more the better, frame your windows and doors, fill trees and hedges to make your home really shine.

Our only tip when it comes to using string lights is to make sure they’re all the same shade, you’ll instantly notice if your lights are different and that will undo that cohesive look. Your best bet to achieve this is to buy all of your lights from the same brand so that you have that color continuity. We have spent many Christmases searching for the perfect warm white string lights and found that the Lights4fun has a lot of options and is of great quality too.

4. Decorate your door with festive flourishes

Door decorated for Christmas

(Image credit: Paul Raeside)

A threshold is top notch real estate when it comes to Christmas decorating, all your guests will see it, just like your neighbors, just like you, so you want your front door to be as magical as the decorations behind it. . A wreath of some description is a must, but why stop there? We love the winter scene created here, it’s fun and festive but also tasteful with a slight Scandinavian twist. And who knew fake snow could look so chic, will definitely try it ourselves.

5. Add light to your entrance with many lanterns

Traditional door lit by lanterns from The White Company

(Image credit: The White Company)

For a more minimal approach to doorstop decor, take inspiration from this classic look and simply line your steps or porch with an array of lanterns. Mix and match sizes and styles to make them more characteristic and add dots in some mini trees if you want to make it even more festive. Add in if real candles are not the safest option for your home, replace them with outdoor LED candles which still give off that beautiful glow but don’t burn and are much safer than a real flame.

6. Keep it minimal but festive with winter branches

Dark blue door with white metal crown

(Image credit: James Merrell)

While less is more isn’t a term we use or encourage when it comes to festive flourishes, there is something to be said for a chic, minimalist approach. As this Christmas door idea proves, sometimes all you need is a beautifully colored door, a white wreath, and a collection of snow encrusted twigs and dried cotton stalks.

It’s a look you could also easily recreate, search your yard for a bunch of branches and twigs and either leave them bare or quickly spray them with glitter to spice up the holiday vibe.

7. Bring Christmas trees outside

Christmas Door Decorating Ideas

(Image credit: Avenir)

Because Christmas trees aren’t just for living rooms, they can be just as pretty laid out in a porch or framing a hallway. They can also add a magical touch to a backyard – try surrounding your outdoor dining table with spruce trees or adding a festive touch to your back door by positioning a tree on either side, then simply string on fairy lights to create a cozy cave feeling. We love the idea of ​​investing this year in a collection of spruce or potted fir trees that you can use as a stylish and durable Christmas after Christmas decoration.

8. Light up your windows from the inside

Dobbies Garden Centers Christmas Lighting 2018

(Image credit: Dobbies Garden Centers)

There is something so beautiful and cozy about a glowing window at Christmas, which invites you with its warm and welcoming light. So while the door is a central part of Christmas decorating, be sure to adorn your windows as well. Stringing on lights is the easiest Christmas window lighting idea and instantly makes a house look festive, but the light in the windows is also indoors, but decorating candles to make them really shine. .

“Your front windows can sometimes get overlooked when it comes to Christmas decorating as we always focus on the front door and while we don’t say giving it up, a front window can really create that. inviting feeling and being another easy to transform surface for Christmas. ‘ Says Sue Barnes, Founder and Creative Director at Lavender Green Flowers.

“If your front door wreath is something you always look forward to putting on, reflect that aesthetic in your windows, and a smaller complementary wreath is ideal!” Whether hanging outside or inside facing out, keep height, light and scent in mind.

10. Get creative with garlands

Outdoor fireplace decorated for Christmas

(Image credit: Marie Flanigan)

Garlands may not traditionally be an outdoor decoration, but there are plenty of possibilities to use them in your garden. “I like to include vacation decor in unexpected places, like outdoor fireplaces. Placing unexpected items in the firebox, like pine cones or poinsettias, is a great option for creating holiday cheer outside. They’re also easy to remove when you need to start a fire on a cold night. says designer Marie Flanigan.

No outdoor fireplace to decorate? No problem. Instead, drape a garland around a window or outline a door frame or weave it around your railings to bring some festive greenery to the outdoors. And add lights among the foliage as well, because, well, you can never have too many fairy lights on Christmas.

How to decorate the exterior of your house for Christmas?

The easiest way to decorate the exterior of your home for Christmas is to use lights. They are simple, elegant and so effective. Thread them around your windows, the roof, in the trees, really you can never have too many of them. And of course there is the classic wreath, which no door should be without at Christmas, but why not hang them on your windows too? Opt for a pre-lit design or string lights across your DIY wreath to add even more sparkle to the front of your home.

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