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When you applied to college, you probably imagined spending hours at the library surrounded by friends, or swinging through your hallways late at night and falling into your bed. There’s a good chance you’ll be spending more time in your own bedroom than you initially thought possible, so making sure your study space works for you is essential.

“Studying online gives you more control over where you study,” says Aidan Moloney, head of welfare at the University of Law.

“It helps to consider how and where you work, the type of task and the level of concentration needed. Things to keep in mind may include how long the study session will last, where it will be done, what resources you need, what you want to accomplish, how you are going to achieve your goal, and how you will record. your study. “

Experts suggest taking short screen breaks often, rather than longer breaks less frequently. Try to have five to ten minutes per hour away from your screen. Also consider ways to get the information or interaction you need without logging in – you can print out reading materials or call a friend to test everyone’s knowledge. It’s also a good idea not to work more than six hours on the screen each day.

Also important is your monitor and desktop setup. Leaning over a laptop on your bed can be okay every now and then, but doing so in the long run could cause back and neck problems. Also think about what motivates you. “The good thing about learning online is that you literally don’t have to go anywhere, just open your laptop and attend all of your classes. But if you stay in bed you will still be in chill mode and not participate in the lesson properly, ”advises Lauren Fletcher, a 22-year-old master’s student at the University of Gloucestershire.

Studies have shown that standing desks improve health markers and even increase productivity – you can buy a cardboard version for around £ 20. Alternatively, try using a separate keyboard and mouse so that your laptop can be placed on a stand and your screen open at eye level, with your forearms perpendicular to your body and your feet on the floor.

While you want to be as productive as possible in your workspace, remember that this is probably also where you relax, so fill it with things that bring you joy. Research suggests that plants can reduce psychological and physiological stress, so consider filling your room with leafy greens.

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