New York restaurant offers rapid COVID-19 tests before your meal


Would you feel more comfortable dining at a restaurant where you knew everyone had just tested negative for COVID-19?

A trendy hotel in the artsy Long Island City district of Queens hopes guests and diners will feel more comfortable with the introduction of prompt on-site service. COVID-19 testing center.

With a chic location overlooking the East River and Roosevelt Island, the Hotel Ravel claims to be the only hotel in New York City to offer COVID-19 testing to guests and staff. The boutique property is taking steps to create what managing partner Frank Alessio calls a “hideaway.”

This is how it works:

The day before your reservation, all your dinner guests will receive a quick form to fill out. It saves time if you bring a completed form with you to the restaurant, but if you forget it, forms are also available on site.

Upon arrival at the hotel, you will receive an infrared forehead thermometer.

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Before entering Perivóli, the hotel’s brand new Greek Garden Rooftop restaurant, each dinner will be assigned a testing session where individuals will take a rapid COVID-19 test that promises results in minutes.

The whole process – paperwork, tests and results – takes around 30 minutes. The test costs $ 35 to $ 51, depending on your insurance co-pay.

Ravel has partnered with New Jersey-based Vestibular Diagnostics PA to administer the test, which can be a nasal swab test or a finger prick test for active COVID-19. If you wish, you can also take an optional antibody test. HIPPA-compliant tests are 99% accurate, according to the company, and are administered by licensed physicians wearing full PPE and following all standard medical policies and procedures before, during, and after testing.

Once you’ve tested negative for COVID-19, you’ll need to wear a bracelet at the restaurant and at Profundo, the hotel’s rooftop pool known for its chic cocktails with floating mirror globes.

Restaurant and pool adhere to COVID-19 sanitation guidelines and operate at 50% capacity by phase 3 in The plan to reopen New York. Guests should be separated by at least six feet or by a barrier when this is not possible, and should wear face masks unless they are seated at a table. Gatherings of up to 25 people are permitted under this phase.

Will the dining test be the next big food trend this summer of social distancing? Time will tell us.


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