New world player places boring house decoration near the trading post


As a result of the latest New World update, many fans are unhappy with the game, but one player is having fun annoying others with home decorations.

a new world player places an annoying bird decoration near the trading post loud call meme council tax

Despite its overwhelmingly positive launch almost two months ago, Amazon Game Studios’ New world did not live up to the expectations of the players after all the problems and issues that shattered the game and its economy. New worldSteam reviews are now mixed after November’s Into the Void update which made controversial covert changes to core gameplay mechanics. In fact, loot has become much rarer than before, making it difficult for players to get anything good late in the game.


It ended up affecting New worldSolo players, who now have a hard time killing enemies due to their increased health pool, and if they do, the loot isn’t great. Another issue is related to the duplication issue affecting trophies and furniture, which made it impossible to New world players to trade in those items for now – at least until Amazon finds a solution. To compensate, house taxes have been reduced by 90% for some time, and players can enjoy their dream homes to some extent.

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A home owner at New world decided to place a crane-shaped decoration at the very edge of their property, which is very close to the colony’s trading post. A Reddit user by the name of Ikavelashvili shared an article describing what is going on and why it is a tragically comical thing to do to other players, as the animal continually makes intolerable sounds every few seconds. So each New world the player who stops at the trading post for shopping is forced to listen to the bird’s loud call.

For some players, hearing several birds from outside the city can make it seem like it is haunted, while hearing them within its walls is excruciating. Another Redditor colleague suggests it’s the real endgame in New worldIt’s PvP because it annoys enemy players before faction wars arrive. Either way, the community is divided over its judgment of the bird’s cry, as some want it toned down because it’s too boring, while others like it as it is.

In the context of the housing issue, New world players get a lot of gold, but this caused another problem due to the amount of coins given varying randomly and only affecting a handful of individuals. New world is far from out of the woods yet, but at least some players are still having fun.

New world is now available for PC.

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