New outdoor kitchen to help Bowie cooking students hone their craft


Students in Bowie’s popular culinary arts program will soon be able to cook the foods they grow in their garden in an outdoor setting directly on campus.

The El Paso ISD Board of Directors last month approved the construction of an outdoor kitchen for Bowie’s Growing Culinary Program to complement the Jardin, Cocina y Mercado program that has been a mainstay of the school for years. .

The project is partially funded by a $40,000 contribution from the Paso del Norte Foundation and includes a medal pergola, prep area, lighting and plumbing.

“The area will be used not only as an extension of the classroom, but also to host campus events, such as community seminars,” said Nuri Robles, Bowie’s administrator working on the project. “The kitchen will be a welcome center for us to educate our community about healthy eating and embracing our local agriculture. We embrace the farm-to-table model to maximize our plant science and culinary arts projects.

Garden class students cultivate local vegetation to promote healthier eating and work alongside the culinary arts curriculum.

“The goal is to implement a farm-to-table model to teach our students and our community the benefits and ease of healthy eating habits,” Robles said.

The program began in 2013 in partnership with Paso del Norte and La Semilla Food Center, a local nonprofit nutrition organization. The garden is on the Delta side of campus offering a variety of student grown vegetation.

“Le Jardín, Cocina y Mercado was a response to the needs of our community,” Robles said. “Students, teachers and community volunteers have come together to create a state-of-the-art garden while partnering with our Culinary Arts and Business programs to educate our students on the benefits of creating healthy habits throughout life. In today’s world of fast food and growing health issues, promoting positive habits in our youth will lead to lifelong benefits.

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