Most popular Halloween decoration revealed – and it’s not a pumpkin


Halloween is just around the corner and we’re working hard to give our homes a spooky makeover. The most popular decorations in the United States – and, surprisingly, pumpkins – find new study were not the most popular.

We were also shocked – because it turns out that skeletons are number one. If you’re currently planning epic Halloween door decorating ideas or outfitting your home for a Halloween party, get some inspiration from these top rated decorations.

skeleton halloween decoration

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Lombardo Homes looked at Google search data and found that skeletons were the most popular Halloween decoration overall. However, pumpkins, spiders, witches, and bats round out the top five.

We have to say that all of the above are totally synonymous with the spookiest time of year and are worth including in your outdoor Halloween decor ideas. Looking at trends across the country, it seems the East Coast likes to keep it classic with pumpkins, while the West Coast has a thing for bats.

67 percent of homeowners surveyed said they decorate the inside of their homes, and 61% say they decorate the exterior. Fifty-four percent are true Halloween enthusiasts, decorating both the interior and exterior.

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Elsewhere, corn stalks are popular in the Midwest, and we love that Nebraska and Arkansas prefer animal skeletons more than most. There is something particularly scary yet funny about a little four-legged skeleton.

Lawn inflatables are still very popular options, as the most sought-after type of decoration. Halloween trees (think the cobweb-covered Christmas tree), spotlights, front door decorations, and animatronics were also on the list of things Americans buy this season.

Halloween is big business and we are not afraid to spend the time and money to make a big impact with our displays. On average, we spend around $ 145 on our decorations and take around 3.3 hours to give our homes a ghostly transformation.

pumpkins on a set dining table

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A large majority (82%) of people decorate for Halloween this year, and we think it’s the perfect excuse to have some fun and experiment with bolder fall decorating choices.

Will you be inspired by Texas and incorporate spooky clowns? Or maybe you’ll follow the New York crowd with a few scarecrows … One thing’s for sure, we’re not just limiting ourselves to a few Halloween pumpkins on our doorstep this year.

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