Millstream Tavern Does Creekside, Farm-to-Table Meal in Woodstock

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By the team behind The Dutch Ale House in Saugerties, the restaurant tempts with delicious food and drinks at Woodstock Golf Club.

There is a particularly dreamy spot in Ulster County where Sawkill Creek gently ripples through the rolling grounds of the Woodstock Golf Club. The location is a perfect piece of Catskill life, with the serenity of nature, the beauty of the Hudson Valley, and nearby shopping attractions, all brought together in one idyllic destination. It is here, at the very entrance to Woodstock proper, that Millstream Tavern resides.

As the new inhabitant of the Woodstock Golf Club dining room, Millstream Tavern is waking up the location with a new concept and the farm-to-table cuisine on which the Hudson Valley thrives. The restaurant is the latest offering from Shale Hill Hotel Group, the brand behind The Dutch Ale House, Kitchen at Shale Hill Farm and Windmill Wine & Spirits in Saugerties. With Millstream Tavern, he keeps his hyperlocal roots to deliver a refreshing and delicious take on Hudson Valley Country Club meals.

“The location is phenomenal,” enthuses Dallas Gilpin, co-owner of Shale Hill Hospitality Group with her husband, Ted. “The original mill wheel is here.”


In fact, this mill wheel is part of what drew the Gilpins, both history buffs, to the mill space of the 1700s. Although they weren’t looking to open a new restaurant when one of the their friends mentioned the location to them, a visit to Woodstock revealed a place full of potential.

“It was a rough diamond,” Gilpin observes. “This place on the water is heavenly. It just needed a little love.

Inside the dining room

So, in Shale Hill fashion (remember the Dutch remodel, anyone?), The Gilpins began a gut remodel from December 2020. The revamp required a complete kitchen update and building a new bar, but the effort was worth it. . A few months later, Millstream Tavern was ready to open for lunch service on April 1, with dinner service now also available.

Of course, it helped that Chef Ryan Tate was on board. Former Executive Chef of the Deer Mountain Inn, the Michelin-starred chef brings with him a love of farm-to-table cuisine with a strong emphasis on dishes from scratch. Since he also oversees The Dutch Ale House’s culinary program, not to mention Windmill Wine & Spirits’ wine offerings, he and the Gilpins differentiated the Millstream Tavern menu based on the location of the restaurant. With a prime location along Sawkill Creek, the restaurant does well in embracing both its country club and its waterside roots.


“This is a 1985 country club menu that Chef Ryan has modernized and revisited,” says Gilpin. “We focus on sourcing locally and using all fresh ingredients, with a strong seafood component.”

True to his word, Gilpin means a fat seafood component. A glance at the organized seafood tours is all it takes to make a reservation. To feast diners, Tate and his team stack the towers with oysters on ice, thinly sliced ​​tuna, juicy crab legs, succulent shrimp and, for the daring, fresh sea urchins. Yes you should try it.

Having dinner

While the surf section of the menu is undoubtedly a highlight, the rest of the offerings are equally scrumptious. Diners can start off strong with a hanging steak tartare that impresses with a smoked egg yolk center and a mix of shallots, capers and mustard pickles on the side. As for the main courses, they are nothing short of mouth watering, with something for everyone. Lovers of classics will love the beef steak with truffle sauce or the orange duck with citrus salad. The more adventurous can opt for rainbow trout in smoked carrot broth or agnolotti with crab with champagne and spring onions. And did we mention the dessert? The blood orange panna cotta is a beauty, while the chocolate mousse cake and grasshopper sundae are sweet odes to classic country club dishes.


As anyone familiar with The Dutch and Windmill Wine & Spirits would expect, Millstream Tavern organizes its cocktail and wine list with elegance and flair. The cocktails are wonderfully fresh, with offerings ranging from the Cart Chaser, a Deadwood rye drink with peach and mint, to Sunset on 212, which swirls Old Mexico tequila with cappelletti and grapefruit. For wine lovers, Tate brings his love of wine to the table with a unique blend of vintages that are a treat to sip. Ask for a recommendation from the expert selection of sparkling, reds and whites to amplify any meal.

Throughout it all, a dining experience at Millstream Tavern upholds the values ​​Gilpin and his team value most.

“We have a core of passions,” she explains. “We are in a historic space. Two is a love and passion for high quality local food in a different way. Three is the very well maintained, carefully planned and decorated space. It’s the best experience from the moment customers walk through the door.


Looking to the future, Gilpin is thrilled to welcome customers to the Hudson Valley Restaurant for al fresco dining by the creek, indoor dining on the lanai, or just a drink at the remodeled bar. This summer, she and her team will unveil Farm Kitchen, their new market and catering kitchen right across from The Dutch Ale House in Saugerties. When it opens, Farm Kitchen will offer farm-to-table bites like sandwiches, coffee, wine, snacks, and even homemade bread.

“Ryan is also very passionate about baking,” says Gilpin. “He really wants to sell fresh bread.

Millstream Tavern
114 Mill Hill Road, Woodstock

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