Midlothian teenager left with horrific burns after popular table decoration turns into ‘pomegranate’


Disclaimer: This article contains graphic images.

A teenage Midlothian girl was left with agonizing face burns after a fire bowl fueled by a lighter fluid exploded in her face.

Grace Owen, 18, bravely shared footage of her burns to warn others after she was set on fire when her father attempted to reignite a tabletop fire bowl decoration using a bottle of ethanol that s is on fire in his hands.

Known as the “jet of flames,” Grace suffered a rare phenomenon that occurs when a container contains just the right amounts of liquid and oxygen to cause combustion when exposed to a flame. .

The family purchased the fire bowl through a third-party seller on Amazon, which is currently investigating.

The horror incident unfolded after Father John Owen, 54, attempted to relight the decoration of the family’s fire bowl table on October 23.

Unbeknownst to her, the flame was still partially alive and the minute the liquid fuel was poured out, the “perfect storm” inside the bottle turned it into a “grenade”, which exploded in the face of her daughter.

Thinking fast, Grace immediately began to roll on the floor after her hair and sweater caught fire in a desperate attempt to put out the flames.

Sadly, she ended up with agonizing burns, but the brave teenager has now taken to Facebook to share photos of her injuries to raise awareness of the danger posed by these products.

The footage shows Grace’s severely burned and blistered face covered in painful marks. Her left eye is swollen and closed, while her bangs and eyebrow have been scorched.

Thinking quick, Grace started rolling on the floor to put out the flames before her mother took her to a cold shower

One photo shows painful lesions and swelling of the lips, while others show burns to the hands and armpits.

But a photo of Grace today shows her incredible recovery process, with only minor burns and redness remaining.

Grace described her terror when she realized what was happening: “I remember being on the floor and just thinking, that’s it, my life is going to change from here on out.

“I could hear my hair sizzling, I opened my eyes and I could just see a glimmer of light behind me.

“I got in the shower, I stayed less than ten minutes because otherwise your body can go into shock.

“I looked in the bathroom mirror and could see that the different parts of my skin were starting to blister.

The grave was transferred to St John’s Hospital for treatment by burn specialists

“I had no eyebrows, bangs or eyelashes. I looked like I had been electrocuted.

“I look back and can’t remember the pain now, but back then I remember thinking, remember that pain.”

Grace’s recovery was also aided by mum Marie Owen, 45, who acted quickly to put Grace under a cold shower, which proved crucial in preventing further damage.

Company owner Marie explained: “She was sitting about two meters away in front of me and her 15-year-old brother.

“His father lit it and it became that flamethrower type effect.

A search today shows dozens of similar products still listed online.

“I saw her coming and there was a moment of shock before Grace started screaming. She fell to the ground and our instinct was to just surprise her.

“I patted her and my husband called an ambulance.”

Grace was then rushed to the Royal Edinburgh Infirmary, before being transferred to the care of doctors at St John’s Hospital for specialist burn treatment, where she remained for 10 days.

Grace added, “I had to remove all the dead skin, which was quite painful, and then they bandaged my arms.

Pictures from treatment show Grace has made a remarkable recovery

“They kept watching me because if the fire got into my mouth it could make my throat swell.

“My face was leaking protein, it was so uncomfortable. All the hairs on my nose fell out too, so all I could smell was the burn, which only reminded me of what had happened.

“They couldn’t tell me if my face would be okay and they were talking about skin grafts which was a shock because 15 minutes earlier I was sitting at the table with my family.”

Grace is expected to recover, but along with her family, she is calling for stricter regulations on the sale of such products.

Marie explained, “She was so lucky but so bad luck it could have been a lot worse.

“It happened to us and we are sane people, imagine it was kids playing with them. There is no disclaimer on the product or anything like that.

“Apparently there are flame arresters that you can buy to prevent this from happening, so why aren’t they sold with all the bottles of this type?”

“I love candles and string lights, but I would never dream something like this would happen.

“The nurses were great and really went the extra mile, luckily she didn’t need the extra treatment.”

However, Grace revealed that she was also struggling mentally with what had happened. She said: “I have trouble sleeping and I keep having dreams, it’s hard it will take time to get back to normalcy.

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“I posted the photos on Facebook because although they are graphic, I want them to be a warning.”

Amazon said it was studying the “emergency” issue.

An Amazon spokesperson said, “Security is a top priority at Amazon. We are urgently investigating this incident. “

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