Meet the second group of competitors who will cook on My Kitchen Rules SA

  • Five new pairs of home cooks will compete for R1million in this week’s episode of My Kitchen Rules SA.
  • Palesa M and Palesa N were the candidates to be eliminated after achieving the lowest score in the Table 1 instant restaurant round.
  • Here is a taste of the second group of applicants.

The first group of My Kitchen Rules SA has been served – and now it’s time to meet the five teams that make up Group 2.

These ten contestants hope to impress Judges David Higgs and J’Something enough to make it to MKR Headquarters and ultimately win the One Million Rand prize.

Here are the five second pair of home cooks who will be looking for the third season of MKRSA:

Izak & Wessel

Close friends from Cape Town

Izak & Wessel.

Izak and Wessel met in 2007 at Stellenbosch University when they met in the same residence. They quickly found friendship in food and have met almost every day for coffee and since then.

Wessel learned to cook from his mother and a little from his sister. “I used to spend days sitting on the kitchen counter watching my mom cook and help her chop or peel something. watching her make caramel apples, toffees, fudge, marshmallows, etc. He said.

Izak’s mother was very involved in the community and he grew up as a sous chef in the church kitchen, cooking huge pots of curry. “Our whole family loves good food, and time together is normally spent in the kitchen or around the dinner table. My mom is my go-to for any cooking problem,” he says.

While Wessel’s food science background influences his cooking, Izak is an avid food researcher whose cuisine is influenced by the fresh produce he sources.

KB & Nadia

Soul Sisters of Centurion and Sandton

KB & Nadia on My Kitchen Rules SA.

KB & Nadia.

Friends since grade 1, KB and Nadia love to cook and have their own cooking contest with their friends, which everyone takes very seriously. KB (short for Kgabiso) says her mother taught her the basics of cooking when she was young, but she gradually developed her knowledge through cooking shows and YouTube channels. “My passion for food mostly comes from watching cooking shows. I remember the day it started – I watched someone make fried chicken on a cooking show, so I got up from the couch to midnight and decided to make fried chicken. Everyone in my house was super confused! ” she says.

Nadia says both of her parents are excellent cooks, so her skills are hereditary – complemented by cooking shows. “My cooking style is definitely fusion, mixing Asian, Indian, Italian, French and Mediterranean to create light, tasty and fresh meals. However, I would not refuse a “spag bowl”, a healthy and hearty stew or curry! ” she says.

Their culinary dream is to travel the world together, try different cuisines from different places and add their own twist.

Lebo & Lesego

Best Sisters of Fourways

Lebo & Lesego on My Kitchen Rules SA.

Lebo & Lesego.

Lesego is adamant that there is no chef in the kitchen when she and her sister Lebogang cook together. “We lead based on who is the strongest cook for a particular dish,” she says. She dreams of owning a cafe, having good cooking and music sessions, and providing free food for students who cannot afford to eat. “We will be looking to bring some amazing food and a little spice to the kitchen at MKRSA,” she promises.

Lesego describes his cooking style as “warm, hearty and full of flavor – not too complicated”, while Lebogang describes his as “simple, tasty and colorful”.

Lebo agrees with her sister that their parents and family taught them how to cook – but claims a fair share of credit for learning it herself. She says things get electric in the kitchen when she and her sister cook together, even though they work well together. “She’s my rock, and I draw strength from her – we’re super fans of each other,” she exclaims.

Bernadette and Shaleeni

Best friends mom and daughter from Cape Town

    Bernadette & Shaleeni on My Kitchen Rules SA.

Bernadette & Shaleeni.

Being born and raised in Grahamstown, then living in New York, working as an actor before returning to South Africa to live in Cape Town, you would think Shaleeni would have a cosmopolitan cooking style. Instead, she says, “My cooking style is quick, easy, and creative. I don’t really like the recipes ”.

She grew up in the kitchen with a lot of freedom in the kitchen, under the watchful eye of her mother and grandfather, which is reflected in the way she enjoys eating as a family. “A typical meal involves a whole bunch of people at our family table and a good family meal of roast chicken, roasted vegetables – or, if it’s a Sunday, my mom will make us a chicken curry.”

Bernadette also learned to cook from her mother, father, grandmother and aunt and describes her cooking style as “quick, easy and traditional”. Her culinary dream is to open a restaurant or cafe with Shaleeni, saying their cooking dynamic is good because they know each other’s strengths and get on with the job at hand. “We’re usually well prepared and we don’t talk a lot. I’m more traditional and sometimes not as adventurous as Shaleeni in trying new foods,” she says.

Stella & Jeff

Ballito’s mom and son

Stella & Jeff on My Kitchen Rules SA.

Stella & Jeff.

Stella says she and her son Jeff have enormous respect for each other, as family and as friends. “We understand each other’s whims, we feel the humor and we usually just have fun when we live together and with our respective families!” she says.

She says she learned to cook herself; However, her “Oumie” – her second mom – showed her from an early age how much love, caring and fun can come from being in the kitchen, putting that joy in her food. “Even the simple, humble dishes from a poor missionary’s home were full of love and delight,” she says. Her culinary dream is to run a “living restaurant”, where small groups of friends and family spend an entire weekend. “It would be a place where I feed them good food, day in and day out, but they can also restore their souls at the same time.”

Jeff says he got into MKRSA because his mom wanted to participate as a challenge for his 60th birthday, but needed a partner, so he said he would “give it a try”. He says she taught him everything he knows about working in the kitchen, while his “braaimaster” father taught him how to cook over the fire. “My style of food is simple, tasty, and if it can go on the braai, then I’m very happy.”

My Kitchen Rules SA is broadcast on Sundays at 6 p.m. on M-Net (DStv 101)

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