Kitchen Utensils and Festive Extras You Need for a Happy Thanksgiving



This year, we are grateful for all the usual things: our families, our health, our Netflix subscriptions. And, of course, the meal that will soon be served before us, enhanced by all sorts of useful devices, from an otherworldly potato masher to a wine that pairs very well with… see your extended family for the first time since 2019. Come to think of it, we would like to give thanks for those things too.

Products with an “Add to Cart” option are available for purchase through The Shops at Seattle Met.

Viking Hard Anodized Non-Stick Roaster, Terra Bella

Thanksgiving’s number one misstep — besides evoking the midterm elections in the buffet line — is going too far in November without grabbing a heavy-duty roaster. If you have a hen of any weight, using one of these last-minute disposable options will feel like mashing potatoes with a toddler fork. This one covers you up to 25 pounds and comes with the tools you need for carving.

EH Works, Flora and Henri Canvas Apron

EH stands for Erica Hanson, whose Seattle-made aprons and accessories are as simple and functional as they are beautiful. Seriously, we’ve seen cute people with aprons before, but cool feels like a designation reserved for this sturdy canvas number. Which makes it ideal for those who are too distracted by the prospect of the prank to remember to take the apron off for dinner.

Le Creuset pumpkin pie dish with lid, on the table


If your TikTok For You page is anything like ours, it’s been a parade of gourd-themed cooking vessels since around August 30 (if Starbucks can get lost in pumpkin sauce when it’s doing even more 80 degrees outside, so are we). Le Creuset, in classic French fashion, proved to be the most coveted. Even if you don’t save it for the likes and posterity, it’s hard to imagine a holiday scene like lifting that porcelain enamel lid to reveal the perfect pie.

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Turkey Stuffing Bags, Terra Bella

Stuffing is a bit like sausage: the most delicate among us have no interest in knowing how it’s done. These mesh bags allow your dressing to soak up the flavor of the turkey juices (honestly, there has to be a less intrusive way to say this) while making the removal process less graphic. And for seasoned chefs who don’t mind the prospect of digging bread out of a bird: that way you won’t waste any of the good stuff.

Pints ​​of the month: Thanksgiving series, salt and straw


Salt and Straw’s Thanksgiving flavors — yes, one contains real turkey — are testing the limits of the long-held belief that dessert is stored in a separate stomach. Head to one of the Portland-based ice cream parlor’s Seattle locations to try a scoop, or order the entire meal online to put unwilling family members to the taste test. Although you might want to keep the pint of Parker House rolls with salted buttercream to yourself.

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Le Creuset Heritage Sauce Boat, Terra Bella

Sauce: brown, definitely, especially at Thanksgiving. Sauce boat: white. Or maybe the Caribbean. Or maybe Cherry. Whichever color you choose, a bonafide gravy boat — as opposed to, say, the measuring cup you’d frantically pull out of the cupboard — brings a lofty element of tradition to the table. If you regularly organize Thanksgiving, this is a must.

Laurel White Wine Glasses, Viski

$27.99 for two

Whether you’re just not a wine drinker or just a wine drinker who needs more wine glasses, Thanksgiving is the time to stock up on that bar cabinet: even those with a preference for lagers are likely to avoid brewing in the name of tradition.

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The largest potato masher in the world, Terra Bella

This spring-loaded, two-in-one instrument effectively pulverizes potatoes beyond recognition – if the subject of big versus smooth is causing tension at your table, scroll on.

Sparkling Rosé, The Princess and the Bear


When you think of Thanksgiving wine, you probably think of traditional poultry white wine or a festive red, but the folks at the South Park Wine Shop princess and the bear recommend serving this sparkling rosé from their house brand. It’s “substantial enough to last until a meal”, but really shines alongside “fruit pies covered in whipped cream”.

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Trickster Exclusive Edition Playing Cards, Flora and Henry

The cards provide an ideal (and tryptophan-friendly) after-dinner diversion. This game features hand-crafted artwork by Tlingit artist Rico Worl, co-founder of Trickster, a company that strives to promote Indigenous design through “products that non-Indigenous people can wear and enjoy.” without appropriating” – an especially laudable cause on a day when the true history of colonialism is often grossly distorted.

Lift trivet, Fruitsuper


Don’t disrespect your carefully chosen cookware by flaunting it on scorched oven mitts. This simple, Seattle-designed trivet from Fruitsuper protects surfaces from both real and aesthetic calamities, and it still looks great on the table long after the dishes are done.

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Le Creuset Signature 9 Quart Round Casserole, Terra Bella

Ideally, you would have a stockpot in all the sizes Le Creuset has to offer. But for those with a crowd to cook (and no Mary Poppins cabinets), the extra-large nine-quart offers holiday peace of mind: just about anything you could think of will fit with room to resell.

Pro Rinse-Free Meat Thermometer, Terra Bella

It’s a simple, but crucial suggestion: don’t overcook the bird.

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