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Our kitchens have always served several purposes. They are the heart of the house where family and friends meet, as well as a functional space for cooking, working or simply relaxing.

In 2022, our kitchens will continue their hybrid role, as we will be more inclined to introduce permanent solutions to working at home, as well as to take a fresh look at the flows and layout of our homes. Design-wise, deep blues and forest greens will lead into 2022, accented by brass hardware, flooring, and a fresh take on kitchen lighting.

Below, 8 design experts take a look at the kitchen trends that we will see in 2022 …

1. The pantry

We recently reported the return of the kitchen pantry due to a collective desire for a more organized family life. The breakfast pantry is an infinitely adaptable addition to a modern kitchen, freeing up space to add more decorative touches, which in turn makes it less functional and more comfortable.

Homebase launched Butler Pantry and Corner Pantry to meet new demands for better storage. “The breakfast pantry is ideal for busy households, with plenty of space for a microwave and toaster, plus room for tea, coffee, cereals and more.” says Richard Ferguson, purchasing manager for kitchens and bedrooms at Homebase. “Our brand new corner pantry unit is fully walk-in with lots of easy-to-use storage.”

Tom howley, the design director of the eponymous kitchen company suggests transforming the clutter of kitchen cabinets into a sleek and well-organized display. “A breakfast pantry is a great place to hide all the daily chaos,” says Tom. “Why not decant the dry products into elegant containers? This is a great option if you have a storage space with a glass front or an open space, as it keeps everything looking good while being easy to find. Storing items in containers allows you to throw away bulky packaging and free up space. Square stackable containers are the most space efficient. “

2. Metallic details

the main cooking trends 2022

Google reported a 90% increase in searches for brass housewares and lighting this year, so it’s no surprise that this is the primary material for 2022.

“Brass finishes are a great way to draw attention to your cabinets and add warmth, especially when combined with a dark paint color,” says Tom. “Create a cohesive look and go for brass hinges, faucets and even statement lighting.”

Al Bruce, founder of Olive & Bar advises using brass and antique metals in traditional decors: “When it comes to giving your shaker cabinets a timeless finish, antique metals are in a category of their own,” says Al. “Striking and charming with A bespoke vibe, adding brass hardware to your kitchen always has a huge impact on the overall feel. Whether you opt for timeless mug handles or simple knobs, this subtle addition adds an element of sophistication and age-old character to your space. ”

3. Kitchen area

the main cooking trends 2022

A return to life cut off to accommodate our new hybrid work schedules will shed light on the layout and flow of our kitchens in 2022.

Ben White, design and commerce expert at Swyft says, “2020 has changed the way we live, sleep and work. There has been this move towards “zoning” and creating zones for every area of ​​our life. Compartmentalization has made it easier for us to maintain a certain normality in a very abnormal situation. ”

Interior stylist, Chloe Jonason, plans the creation of macro-zones in the kitchen: “With people working more and more from home, it will be necessary to create workstations, office corners, living areas. user-friendly zoom and multifunctional living spaces. ”

This translates into the addition of small desks, with thoughtful decorative touches like table lamps, a stack of books or wall art, to make working from home more intentional, and cozy nooks separated by accent chairs, soft furnishings and rugs for moments of relaxation.

4. Blues and greens

the main cooking trends 2022

Rich blues and forest greens are expected to be the most popular kitchen colors in 2022.

“Well-being, sustainability and interiors with a distinct personality have been dominant trends throughout 2021,” says Tom. “As we continue to move in that direction with our interior designs, people are also getting more and more courageous with color, opting for adventurous earthy tones and brilliantly bold hues. “

“Green kitchens have something of a moment right now. As a color we primarily associate with nature, this basic shade has an amazing way of reconnecting us with our surroundings, creating moments of calm and positivity. . “

Blues and greens match the growing trend for metallic accents, says Richard: “Green was the emerging color of the year and there is no sign of this trend slowing down. Both colors are perfect for those looking for a bold yet sophisticated kitchen and they work well with any finish but I would recommend pairing it with brass and copper. Wood textures can also be a great partner for navy and green kitchens. “

5. Adapt the kitchen lighting

the main cooking trends 2022

In 2021, we literally saw our kitchens in a whole new light – as more time at home meant a new understanding of how our lighting worked for us throughout the day. In 2022, this will mean a new approach to lighting layering, introducing spotlights for focused work and soft mood lighting to take us from work to home.

“The best way to get the right lighting for such a demanding space is to layer several types of lighting,” says Stephanie Nix, kitchen designer at Neptune. “Start with ceiling spotlights to illuminate the widest part of the space. Under counter lighting can provide direct lighting for prep areas and illuminate the interior of glass cabinets to showcase glassware and glassware. decorative tableware. Layer the pendants on the kitchen table or seating island and you have task lighting as well as mood lighting for every occasion. “

6. Characteristic floor covering

the main cooking trends 2022

In 2022, sustainability meets design for kitchen floors. The high traffic kitchen has become doubly so, and we’ll be looking for sturdy flooring solutions that don’t compromise on style, with classic flagstone tiles and intricately patterned vinyls in mind.

“The first trend we see for 2022 must be large slab tiles,” says Isabel Fernandez, director of Quorn Stone. “For centuries estates and country houses have used flagstone floors, thanks to their wear resistance characteristics and classic look that have stood the test of time. Now more than ever, people want to create that timeless look in their kitchen by choosing large format tiles. . ”

Our collective desire to create a kitchen with character that can withstand demanding family life will also see an increase in the use of patterned vinyls. “Vinyl flooring is a great, inexpensive way to add color, pattern and personality to a room without compromising on safety or quality,” says David Snazel, hard flooring buyer at Carpet. ‘In recent years, there have been many developments in design and styles which mean that the effects that vinyl can create, such as tile or wood, are incredibly lifelike.

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