Kitchen Table Kibitzing, October 28, 2022: Halloween Season



A bit of nostalgia:

UFO-type tricks are also popular on Halloween. When I saw this rare little house, a past vision of the future, I was so charmed that I thought I’d include it.

Geoff Castellucci’s bass singing amazes me. And he has good selections for the season. Who can forget this clunky classic?

Some people can make themselves great costumes. My sister can do stuff like that. But not me… But it’s fun to see how someone can whip up a little masterpiece.

Hmmmm, maybe you need a perfume to go with this costume.
What a witch’s scent revealed about the ancient world:

MOST PERFUME ADVERTISEMENTS SUGGEST THAT the right perfume can make you sexy, seductive, and successful. A mix by Black Phoenix Alchemy Labsmeanwhile, offers to make you feel like Hecate, the three-faced Greek goddess of sorcery.


These days, however, smelling like a witch has its appeal. Misogynistic stereotypes of seductive enchantresses and evil old women have been recovered as feminist symbolsand the modern proliferation of scent blends named after witches, spells and potions suggests that many people find their associations stimulating.

Modern perfumes evoking magical images are often presented with a feminist twist, picking up on old stereotypes. Another fragrance from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab,”Medeadescribes her as “the embodiment of ruthless power, indomitable will, and furious vengeance.” Perfumes Aether Arts “Circe” is based on Madeline Miller’s Novel about the great witch of “The Odyssey” and describes her as “a woman of power and strength”. Harry Potter fans can find all kinds of Hermione themed scented candles online.

And hey, baking isn’t just for Christmas or Thanksgiving:

Maybe do some Caramel apples. Or would Popcorn Balls be better?
Or make a mess in the kitchen by carving pumpkins.

No candy on our doorstep this year… the pandemic still scares us. So we’re going to play a board game. (Yes, we are nerds.)

And maybe watch You Tubes or movies. You?

The weekend starts now. Come in, make yourself comfortable and share your day, your weekend plans, your menus! What, if anything, do you do to celebrate Halloween? This is an open thread.


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