Kitchen Table Kibitzing: “Found” Discarded Ballots??



Yesterday it was reported on local NBC that a mail bag containing ballots was found in a ravine in the Santa Cruz Mountains. According to the report, Julie Nieman saw the bag at the edge of the ravine going to work on a motorcycle. “They were trying to make it look like people wouldn’t find them the way I saw them,” Nieman said, “They were thrown to the side of the road, down this deep ravine.”

Stealing ballots would be a big story, but it’s not like there’s never been a case of postal workers failing to deliver mail and throwing it away or storing it. No industry is immune to workers trying to get out of work.

But here’s an interesting snippet of the story…

NBC Bay Area reported the discovery to the Registrar of Electors and the Postal Service late Friday afternoon, so the investigation is in its early stages.

The Registrar of Electors was reluctant to speculate on what exactly happened or how the ballots would have ended up in the Santa Cruz Mountains, but he closely examined footage provided by NBC Bay Area.

Some may wonder why it was NBC that reported the discovery to the RoV and the USPS? I mean, if you were Julie and you found the bag, wouldn’t you have called the police or the USPS, not the local news station?

Either way, we can all be thankful that Julie found those ballots at the edge of a ravine…oh wait, who exactly is Julie?

Good, a person responding to journalist Robert Handa’s tweet unearthed Julie’s Twitter account.

Let the madness begin…


Maybe if the Democrats can’t put all the ballots in the paper shredder…they’re just throwing them into ravines?


Julie seems to be a strong believer in “stopping theft”.


It also sounds like she’s an old-school conspiracy theorist. This attack on John Legend goes back to pizza-gate. She doesn’t let go.


I’m all for attacking Graham…he’s terrible. But I’m not ready to jump on the crazy bandwagon at Julie’s bio lab.


Of course Julie is anti-vax. It would only be surprising if she wasn’t.


I don’t know why Julie hates Christina Aguilera but she tweeted at Christina a few times. There are things in this world that I will never understand… maybe it’s for the best.

So maybe it was just a strange coincidence that Julie came across the mailbag at the edge of the ravine. A bag full of ballots that might help confirm his wildest beliefs. Perhaps it will be shown that it was Obama who stole the bag and tried to hide it in the ravine because it contained a copy of his detailed birth certificate showing that he was really born in Kenya. This really could be the greatest discovery in the history of the world, ending pizzagate pedos and the new world order.

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