Kitchen Table Kibitzing 08/03/2022: Happy International Women’s Day!


For the day, the UN Secretary General António Guterres offers this message. [2:37]

And for the month, here’s a 2021 Google video based on searches from the previous year for “first woman to…”. [1:30]

Here is a good summary of why Women’s History Month is important. [3:38]

A discussion of black women’s quest to vote, including their difficult relationship with the largely white women’s suffrage movement. [8:28]

And that leads to more about Ida B. Wells. [4:49]

I kept rearranging these videos, wondering what to include, and ended up putting the humanities here, along with the sciences to follow. Octavia Butler wrote Science fiction, but still, she was above all a writer. [4:14]

This is an interesting piece that explains how the work of impressionist painter Mary Cassatt introduced a shift in perspective that was important. [6:09]

Okay, now the science! This is a collection of women who were abused even as they excelled, but don’t get mad; push so that it doesn’t happen again. [4:55]

No science without engineering! [11:51]

Dr. Frances Oldham Kelsey isn’t a household name, but she did something important simply by sticking to what she knew was right. [5:31]

Dr Susan La Flesche Picotte is, if possible, even less of a household name. It’s a story about indigenous people, so it’s heartbreaking and infuriating, but there’s a lot to think about here. [11:45]

SciShow covers three giant women of primatology. [11:44]

Many AIDS patients are alive today thanks to the work of molecular biologist Dr. Flossie Wong-Staal. [5:51]

I especially wanted geneticist Dr. Barbara McClintock to be here because, unlike so many of the women we’ve heard about in this paper, she got her Nobel Prize! [6:36]

Astronaut/doctor/engineer Dr. Mae Jemison is always here to tell her own story (although this video was made a few years ago). I saved this one for last because it is so beautiful. I was particularly touched by the part about what she took into space with her. [2:25]

🗳️ Voting Rights Box 🗳️

🗽 The right to vote box is blue these days, because we need the yellow box for something else.

🗽 Daily Kos created an Act Blue page specifically to support local suffrage organizations. You can allow your donation to be split evenly among nine of these groups plus “Daily Kos Liberation League”, or you can view/choose from individual recipients by clicking “Customize Amounts”. Act Blue now accepts Venmo as well as Paypal and credit cards.

🗽 Marc Elias and Democracy file have been there every step of the way, swiftly taking action against every piece of Trump voter fraud, every scheme of gerrymandering, and every current scheme to disenfranchise voters. You can support them with a donate hereand sign up to receive their free email newsletter here.

🗽 Civic influencers is a 501(c)(3) organization that seeks to increase engagement among young voters, especially those of color, who are among the groups targeted by new voter suppression laws. Learn more in this bethesda diary 1971.

🗽 I guess we need to add the organizations that the BiPM promotes on Tuesday mornings. This week is The New Georgia Projectwhose goal is to register, quickly and correctly, thousands of Georgian voters who will be in our area.

🦠 The Covid News Box 💉

SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccine: Illustration by David S. Goodsell, RCSB Protein Database; doi:10.2210/rcsb_pdb/goodsell-gallery-027. See link for description of what is pictured.

🦠 How to prepare now in case you have a decisive case of Covid later:

🦠 the CDC Covid Data Tracker offers maps, graphs and all kinds of data, updated daily. Their “county view” shows you what the conditions are in your area. All The CDC Covid information home page is here. Now there is a sewage monitoring tab which maps the changes in Covid that they detect (the tabs are listed on the left side, not the top).

🦠 Every household in the United States can now order four free rapid antigen Covid test kits, which will be delivered by the USPS and shipped “usually within 7-12 days”. HERE IS THE LINK TO ORDER. If you need more kits than that, if you are insured, you can always use the program to to have the costs of up to eight FDA-approved over-the-counter COVID home tests per month reimbursed by their insurance companies. the The page also has links to information about it and to information about free testing sites near you.

🦠 the Sending COVID-19 data is a website dedicated to reviewing and interpreting Covid-related data. (They offer a weekly update newsletter.) Recently: Why the CDC changed its masking guidelines and what steps to take now. This is a thoughtful and thorough discussion that can help decide which masking protocol to follow.

🦠 American Scientist has an informative article: Omicron’s Surprising Anatomy Explains Why It’s Extremely Contagious.

🦠 The source of health/medical/life sciences information New statistics has a whole section covering Covidincluding certain newsletters to which you can subscribe.

🦠 Atlantic at listed their ongoing viral coverage hereand no one is behind a paywall. Their most recent additions are The millions stuck in pandemic limbo and We are entering the control phase of the pandemic.

🦠 The Washington To post also has a free coronavirus section, including their news coverage and also useful features such as US and world maps and trackers for variants and vaccines. Recent: What is covid long? Current understanding of risks, symptoms and recovery.

🦠 This little thread:



🦠 Among the companies that NIOSH-approved N95 and N99 masks can be ordered from is the manufacturer in Glendale, AZ Bielcor. I forget who directed me there, but I bought several boxes from them and got fast delivery and occasional bogo specials. [Approved N95 list here ~ Illustration of markings to look for on a genuine approved N95]
SEE ALSO Project N95advised by Doktor Focus on Wonkette. They describe themselves as a “National Critical Equipment Clearinghouse for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), COVID-19 Diagnostic Tests, and Critical Equipment,” so you can purchase tests, masks, and other PPE through them.

🦠 Meanwhile, the American Red Cross has said a “serious” blood shortage, aggravated by the pandemic. For more on how to help, see their website. Additionally, the user of Kos mookieb points out there are tons of non-Red Cross blood centers that might be better for you — find them here. He also notes that all blood centers have also shortage of volunteers now because of the Covid, which can prevent them from being able to accept the donors they really need. Ask your local center about volunteering and/or organizing a blood drive.

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