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Food waste has become a serious problem these days. In fact, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, a third of the food produced in the world is wasted. This is mainly because we ourselves don’t understand how much food we are consuming, or we don’t know how to recycle or reuse food that is left over from previous meals. However, this is an issue that designers are paying immense attention to nowadays. In order to fight against food waste and promote a zero waste lifestyle, they have imagined innovative kitchen appliances! These products provide unique solutions to combat food waste on a daily basis. They make zero waste a reality. Whether it’s a kitchen appliance that converts all your food waste into nutrient-rich soil, or a unique triangle-shaped food waste processor, these kitchen appliances are all you need for end food waste in your home once and for all!

1. Bubble

Designed by Savin Dimov and Altino Alex, Bubble is a food tracker that monitors our food consumption, with the aim of encouraging a healthier lifestyle and reducing food waste. The food tracker comes with an application compatible with your smartphone. You can either order your groceries through the app or physically go to a grocery store and do your grocery shopping. Once at home, you can place your groceries such as fruits, vegetables, milk, sodas, etc. in Bubble. Bubble identifies and tracks all the elements inside. It sends updates directly to your smartphone, so you are always up to date with what’s in your kitchen! You can track which food items you consume the most and which ones you consume the least. Bubble ensures that all storage data is at your fingertips.

2. The only food waste processor

Rather than living with that old, rancid, smelly garbage for 3-4 days, the Alone Food Waste Processor offers a discreet way to dispose of small amounts of food at a time. Its unique right-angled triangular shape allows it to fit easily into a corner of your kitchen, and its tall design makes it easy to remove the trash and toss your things in without bending over too much. The Alone Food Waste Processor then breaks down your food, turning it from waste into a harmless, odorless, nutrient-dense fertilizer that you can use in your own garden or vegetable patch. A hotplate at the base helps speed up the composting process, breaking down food into a crumbly mulch for as little as 30 days (instead of the usual 5-6 months).

3. Po

Gabriel Steinmann created P0 (pronounced pio for the letter and number) which stands for “project zero” – a food storage and purchasing solution that aims to reduce consumer emissions. P0 helps us adopt and maintain a plant-based diet and reduce the amount of food waste. The design blends organic and sustainable materials with an earthy aesthetic to invoke warmth and a more personal relationship with the items we use. Its ceramic body and textile lining encourage a deeper appreciation for the food we eat and make us more aware of how much food we actually need to minimize its wastage. It is also a practical and attractive utensil in your kitchen – “a symbol of change, of becoming a little more human”, as Steinmann rightly describes.

4. Serva & FOSA® NFC food preservation system

The Serva & FOSA® NFC Food Preservation System is the ultimate system to ensure your food always stays fresh. It keeps your food fresh longer than any conventional storage method! Serva is a nifty little device that you attach to the food storage container. It uses NFC to connect to the user-friendly app on your smartphone. The app displays the foods in your kitchen and their shelf life. You can also share this information with others! These small devices are waterproof and do not need a battery to operate. They can last forever! FOSA® is a system of vacuum sealable storage containers that can be stacked on top of each other. This tracking and storage system keeps your food fresh and healthy, while ensuring that your refrigerator is clean and organized.

5. The clay pantry

Clay has been used since ancient times as a storage solution for food and drink, having grown up in India it is an integral part of the culture and in fact the water stored in clay pots is always fresher ( and softer!). The cooling effect is due to the porosity of the earthenware which has natural cooling properties when soaked in water. Clay Pantry optimizes this property to offer you a range of storage containers for small townhouses. The root stool provides dry, dark storage space and the tempered box was created for products that require wet and cool conditions. The fruit rack and water jug ​​are self-explanatory. The modular nature of Clay Pantry makes it a perfect choice for compact apartments and for those looking for an eco-friendly storage solution for their products.

6. The Terracooler

The Terracooler is a modern interpretation of the traditional Zeer pot or pot-in-pot refrigerator, an evaporative refrigeration device that has been in use for centuries and is still in use today in countries around the world, such as India and Nigeria. Like many designers today, Perry felt compelled to design her Terracooler after learning that 10% of household energy is consumed by household refrigerators. However, in the UK, where Perry is based, 14 million tonnes of food waste is piled up each year. The Terracooler was designed by Perry to make sense of this confusing report.

7. The FoodCycler

Eco-friendly and highly efficient, the Food Recycler is just that, it takes your leftover food and turns it into nutrient-rich soil, converting waste into resources. The FoodCycler reduces food waste by up to 90% and provides the perfect soil for your garden, regardless of its size. The system is simple – the device comes with a removable internal bucket which must be full before starting the cycle. Taking just 3 hours to catalyze and produce fresh soil, the FoodCyler is virtually always ready for use. On top of that, the device itself has a very clean look. With the inverted handle on the top lid, the FoodCycler has a perfect rectangular shape with comfortable edges to accentuate that open design aesthetic – welcome and ready for anyone to use.

8. Savel Flexible Food Saver

The flexible Savel food saver is a smart alternative to the usual plastic zipper storage bags! Plastic zippers should be thrown away after just one use, but Savel keeps fruits and vegetables left in your kitchen as fresh as possible and can be used for a long time! It also helps you save money and use small items that usually get thrown away like a lemon wedge or a single lime. Its flexible and pliable shape allows it to perfectly adapt to the curved cut side of any fruit or vegetable. You then place the silicone strap over the piece of fruit or vegetable, securing Savel and the food in place. It keeps your food fresh for up to a week!

9. Zero waste kitchen

This zero waste kitchen is constructed from recycled stainless steel made in electric arc ovens and it lasts forever. The large table is at the heart of the design, it is intended for use as a cooking and dining surface. The structure has designated areas for glass containers, baskets for fruits and vegetables, a worm box, storage space for multipurpose containers, linen bags and a vertical herb garden – this is indeed a highly functional and multifaceted design! The worm box regularly provides humus which can be used for the herb garden and if the kitchen is in a dark area of ​​the house or if you live in a country with little sun, you may need to use it. ‘a daylight lamp for your herb garden.

10. The mobile thermoelectric refrigerator

The Mobile thermoelectric refrigerator has been designed to be durable, robust and innovative. The refrigerator frame is constructed to allow removal of the upper refrigeration unit during transportation of the lower refrigeration unit. The cooler uses water and heat transfer to cool the milk while the excess hot water can be used for cleaning and bathing – and this is how it also reduces wasted resources! The chassis is made from anodized aluminum to keep it light and strong. It features an airless wheel system to prevent punctures on rough terrain, which also uses a regenerative hub that powers a battery to keep things cool on the road. The multi-functional handle design allows the user to pull the refrigerator by hand while walking or even attach it to a bicycle or motorcycle for quick transport.

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