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“I listen. I listen.


Passwords are not new; Passwords have been used since ancient times. The sentries challenged those wishing to enter an area to provide a password or watchword, and would only allow a person or group through if they knew the password. In modern times, usernames and passwords are commonly used by people during a connection process that control access to the protected computer Operating systems, mobile phones, cable television decoders, ATMs (ATMs), etc.

As we were packing our go-bags for fire escape, we were told that our password list was as important as our computer. But now that computers and phones are essential to 21st century life, they’re out of control. Systems offer to save a password, but where would it be stored and, if necessary, could it already be changed?

This frustration was caused by my ongoing project to switch phones to a new mobile carrier. Using “talk to a person” I managed to reach someone, but going back and forth with passwords, PINs, and texts proved not only impossible, but insane. It’s in their interest to make this as difficult as possible, but at this point it seems impossible. It’s in progress.

So hypothetically, I could say that I just won’t pay the bill. “Ha Ha” they might say, “we have your bank routing number. And we can ruin your credit score, ha ha.

Sorry to rant. I know I will succeed in the end. But it’s such a frustration to deal with non-human systems. I will say this… I have had excellent experiences with several telephone exchanges, good results and pleasant. I am always effusive in my thanks. But two hours of waiting can test patience.

What have been your experiences with passwords and troubleshooting? A smooth interaction? Total disappointment? You can use my password if you want. It’s 123456.

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