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I had driven by the “Union Cemetery” several times over the years, but never stopped. My curiosity took over last week and I stopped to see if “Union” meant the Union Army. California did not become directly involved in the Civil War. Probably too busy panning for gold and abusing Chinese workers.

From the articles I read, Californians were mostly divided on the war. Racism was quite rampant, and truly many racist outback areas still exist in the state.

I was happy to learn that it was created to honor Union soldiers.

THE GRAND ARMY. of the REPUBLIC was a fraternal organization made up of honorably discharged veterans of the Union Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Revenue Cutter Service who served in the American Civil War. Founded in 1866, its aim was to connect men through their experience of war. GAR offered camaraderie and became one of the first political advocacy groups in America, lobbying the US Congress to establish veterans’ pensions and support for widows and orphans. The local Redwood City Post was founded in 1886 and purchased land at the tip of this cemetery in 1887. The organization disbanded in 1956 when the last member died at. 105 years old. The original Union Soldier statue was donated by Mrs. Leland Stanford. It has been damaged over the years, but looks as it originally did when placed in 1889.


The Union Cemetery section is quite small. Possibly composed of around 40 marked graves.


Most of the cemetery is filled with graves of local residents.


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