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inflation again

I have written about inflation several times on KTK, here, here, here, here and here. The last listed is from 2016 and begins: “The government provides inflation statistics by year. here are the statistics for the years 2006-2016. You might be surprised to find that inflation last year was only 0.7%.

In today’s paper, almost every article references inflation, blaming Biden, Putin, oil companies, greedy corporations, too much stimulus, not enough stimulus, supply chains, the pandemic, wage hikes, devaluation, fakes not the Federal Reserve, etc. There are a lot of complaints everywhere.

People make adjustments. Chicken instead of beef. Vegetables instead of chicken. Then… a crust of bread soaked in water. Who knows? We have a place that has been selling avocados at 89 cents for years. Recently .99, then 1.19. Mrs. sp just bought one…for $1.49, pretty fast inflation.

How is it going in your region? What adjustments did you make? Where will this end?

There is even inflation in the plant world. Our wonderful productive lemon tree here at the condo produced a mutant this week. We could hardly believe our eyes.

From left to right: mutant lemon, normal lemon from the tree, Meyer lemon from the farm.
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