Kibitzing Kitchen Table 9/3/22: Crossword

look who won the game of Scrabble, humans be damned!

For the past few months, GTP and I have played the NY Times Mini every night. This spurred my interest in tackling larger crossword puzzles on my own. But, I’ve discovered that I’m better at creating them than solving them (at least I think so). I did this crossword puzzle this morning. If you use the link below, the clue and the corresponding word will be highlighted, which will be much easier on the eyes. Or, you can play here.

Speak for the trees

Speak for the Trees Crossword Game

On the other side

3. This tree produces edible seeds used for the coffee, butter and chocolate bearing its name

4. This iconic flower climbs up the trunk giving it the appearance of a tree, its shapes and colors have symbolic meaning

9. Tarzan used to climb these trees for his fruit; its liquid is used for milk, oil and water

13. Theme song from A Star is Born, 1976; characteristics of the forest, these trees keep their leaves all year round.

14. the image of this tree is of a religious archetype that connects to heaven and all forms of creation, synagogues may be named after this tree

17. Considered the national flower of Japan, their flowers come in a variety of sizes and colors often grown to be seen

20. a popular Christmas tree with silver-blue needles, your cat won’t like to climb it because of its pointy leaves

21. This tree is easily identifiable with its distinctive fan-shaped leaves, often depicted on canvas and pottery

22. Seen in Central Park, these trees turn a spectacular orange color in the fall.

23. iconic tree that lined the driveway leading to the plantation house in “Gone with the Wind”


1. Overlooking Carmel Bay at Pebble Beach, this iconic windswept tree is known as “the most photographed tree” and possibly the inspiration for “The Lorax”

2. Transform your garden into a tropical island with its slender trunk and feathery fronds swaying in the wind

5. Known as “Redwood” trees, these grow throughout AC, many were lost in the Lightning Complex fires

6. This tree is at the center of a harrowing story about a boy who innocently plays with it, but as he grows older he becomes more and more demanding of the tree

7. a collection of poems by Sylvia Plath; in this one in particular, Plath seems to be noting comparisons between the woman and the tree in an appropriate season

8. Buddha got his enlightenment under this tree

10. in California, these trees provide shelter, food and water for monarch butterflies during the winter months

11. It is a dramatic-looking tree that seems to be in a perpetual state of sadness; their branches form a round canopy

12. These trees were felled for industry, prompting the Once-lers to “speak for the trees”

15. An ancient tree species living in Fanghorn Forest, Treebeard was the oldest of its kind (Lord of the Rings)

16. the tree most often cited in the Bible, its fruit is used in Mediterranean cuisine

17. usually a conifer, this tree is seen in December in many Christian homes

18. these trees are known for their large tulip- or star-shaped (bowl-like) flowers in pink, purple, white and yellow; their scent is heavenly in spring and summer

19. Georgia is the state known for this type of fruit tree

ktk blue sky with icy trees boilerplate box

Let me know in the comments if you need a reveal.

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