Kibitzing Kitchen Table 12/7/2022: Off the Tollway

Vincent Van Gogh: Fishing Boats at Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer, 1888
Vincent Van Gogh: Fishing boats in Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer1888

Hello, Kibitzers!

On Sunday, I was browsing New Day Cafe comments, much later in the day than those conversations had originally taken place. I ran into someone who I know is a very smart woman who nevertheless falls for the old New-Jersey-is-nothing-but-the-turnpike whistle. It’s pretty easy to do, ’cause that shit’s everywhere and it’s the punchline in a million movies and TV shows and what have you. If you haven’t been here, how would you know otherwise?

Since I was in no mood to get up and do something more useful, I responded to this comment with a handful of photos from my Flickr pages, hoping to illustrate the fact that very few of New Jersey looks a lot like the turnpike. . It was late enough that, really, no one was going to see it, and the old guy’s “administration” established that my mom didn’t have the power to strike anyone with lightning (more c too bad), so I wasn’t in danger if I failed to defend his beloved state. I just wanted to.

After doing that, it seemed a shame to waste all that imagery considering where no one would see it. At the same time, it seemed a shame to waste possibly brighter KTK ideas on a night when everyone is all excited (or how we feel now) about the reveals earlier in the day of a) the January 6 Committee and b) the Webb Telescope.

New Jersey Turnpike, looking north in Linden, NJ
Famartin, CC BY-SA 4.0via Wikimedia Commons

So here are some pictures of places in New Jersey that are prettier than the The New Jersey Turnpike. (NJ Turnpike shown at left for comparison; click photo for details. Much of the southern Turnpike is actually quite unblemished, if drab; the section shown, in Linden, with chemical plants and others, is what people mean when they say “New Jersey Turnpike”.)

Most of the photos below have already appeared here at one time or another. All those who do not name a place are near me. I hope you like them, at least more than the toll road!

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