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Zabar’s: The museum exhibition on the history of charcuterie they talk about, I will have what she hasopens at New York Historical Society on November 11 and runs until April 2, 2023. Thereafter, it goes to:

  • Holocaust Museum, Houston, TX, May 4 – August 13, 2023
  • Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center, Skokie, IL, October 22, 2023 – April 14, 2024


I passed up my last chance for brunch at Sylvia’s in Harlem because the gathering was a year after Covid and a trip to New York, only to eat unmasked at a busy restaurant, still seemed super reckless to me. I remain sure it was, but looking at the chicken and waffles here makes me very sad that I had to say no. [5:40]

I didn’t know about this Chinese-American family of food bloggers, even though they apparently lived in New Jersey, until YouTube offered me this story. But when I saw that their blog was called The Woks of Lifetheir side pocket call joined in their interesting story and made me add them here to represent East Asian cuisine. [10:00]

I did not know either 188 Cuchifritos Bakery (Facebook link) in the Bronx, the only predominantly Hispanic county in the northeastern United States. But apparently Anthony Bourdain knew in our name! The owner, now 40, is Cuban; the food is mostly Puerto Rican and Dominican, but they basically offer what locals want to eat anytime. [7:33]

Chief Chintan Pandya short Dhamakaan Indian restaurant on the Lower East Side in New York (it’s a few blocks from where NYC Kos used to get those fries :sob:). It features provincial Indian cuisine, a menu that seeks to depart from standard “Indian restaurant” fare and reflect the country’s diversity. Here, we spend his 12-hour workday with him at the restaurant as he preps, cooks, talks about his concept and food, and absolutely stuffs the young reporter with some amazing snacks. [18:33]

This piece on the traditional cuisine of the Mexican state of Oaxaca was produced by the Chinese Global Television Network, as we have warned in several places on the YouTube page. It strikes me as a pretty simple and interesting story about preserving indigenous ways of cooking and eating. He takes a dim view of American junk food, but I mean, so do we. However, please watch with the knowledge that the perspective here may not be objective. [14:58]

I wasn’t looking to post a parody political song today, because who knows what will or won’t squeal now. However, this parody project video from a few weeks ago Rubles are worth nothingis a meticulous tribute to the original money for nothing videofeatures Dark Brandon and Commander, and features a cute shout out to the Apple advertisement “1984/hammer throw”. It feels like it will be good viewing in most conditions. [4:49]

Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers with Eddie Vedder, Denver, 2006: Waiting. [6:17]

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