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(CNN) – The White House released its Christmas decorations on Monday, following the theme chosen by First Lady Jill Biden earlier this year, who named her inspiration “gifts from the heart.”

West Wing communications director Elizabeth Alexander told CNN that Biden’s thematic idea was to “show things that unite us, heal and unite us.” Biden and the Orientals started planning Christmas decorations in early summer, adjusting their ideas and imagining how they would feel.

Here’s what the library decorations look like at the White House Christmas Decoration premiere on November 29, 2021 in Washington. (Credit: Getty Images by ANDREW CABALLERO-REYNOLDS / AFP)

There is a personal representation of the subject in every public room in the White House which is closed to visitors due to the government-19 outbreak. The Library Room features butterfly decorations that reflect the ‘gift of learning’, while the Vermeel Room illustrates the ‘gift of the visual arts’ with Christmas wreaths made of colorful patterned ornaments and ornaments in colorful patterns.

In the China Room, a ‘nana-style’ table was set up that would display ceramics from the previous presidential administration throughout the year, according to Alexander, along with Biden’s favorite family dinners, candles and flowers. . Among the trees in the room, the theme of the “gift of friendship and love” was ornaments hanging from paper hands in circles and stars, which Alexander said came from the first lady.

The Chinese Room of the White House is decorated for the Christmas season. (AP Photo / Ivan Woozy)

In the State Dining Room, two large trees were adorned with framed photographs of former White House families on vacation and various never-before-seen images in Biden’s private archives.

“The first lady looked at photo albums and picked her favorites when she was at her home in Delaware last weekend,” Alexander said.

There are also photos of previous administrations from the White House archives: Kennedys, Clintons, Johnsons, Reagans; On the back of a tree was a small photo of Donald and Melania Trump.

Former United States President John F. Kennedy Photo of Kennedy and First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy displayed on the Christmas tree in the White House State Dining Room in November 2021. (Ciba via AB Images)

Although more modest than in recent years, the exhibit continues with Biden’s endorsement and personal touches to the tradition, though the country is feeling the shock of change and loss caused by the devastation of government-19, Alexander said.

The fireplace in the State Dining Room holds six socks for each of Biden’s grandchildren, the same Delaware craftsman who designed the socks for Biden’s family home.

Less decorations this Christmas at the White House

According to the White House, there are a total of 41 Christmas trees, 1,800 yards of ribbon, over 300 candles and over 10,000 ornaments.

However, the lack of many decorations has been felt in recent years. There are more unpainted corners, less fake snow and glowing lights Christmas trees at Cross Hall They don’t rub against the ceiling and aren’t cluttered. The green room has only two purple trees and purple orchids, one of Pitton’s favorite flowers.


According to a report from the East Division, the first lady was “impressed by the little grace and the experiences that have lifted our spirits this year and during the epidemics.”

The original White Gingerbread House, which weighed 160 kilograms, was built by pastry chef Susan Morrison and her team members over several weeks, along with the other small bread “buildings”. Including gingerbread and icing, hospital, fire station. , police station, warehouse and school.

Gingerbread replica of the White House located in the dining room on November 29, 2021 (Credit: ANDREW CABALLERO-REYNOLDS / AFP via Getty Images)

White House Social Secretary Carlos Elizondo told CNN the idea was to honor key employees who run the country. Elizando added that the First Lady wanted to add something that had never been done before at this year’s Gingerbread White House, so Morrison placed a large string of lights over North Portico.

President Biden and the First Lady viewed the decorations after returning from a Thanksgiving weekend in Nantucket, Massachusetts on Sunday night. Jill Biden put on the last (edible) figure of the installation: a little gingerbread teacher leaning next to a staircase made of black food-colored angel hair paste.

Christmas decorations at the White House. (Photo by Alex Wong / Getty Images)

The entire exhibit, except for the table it sits on, can be eaten, Morrison said.

On Monday afternoon, Biden will personally thank the more than 100 volunteers who hung the decorations over the past week. Many of them arrived before Thanksgiving to begin their work; Everything was “ready” on Sunday, Alexander said, adding that the final tasks had been used up. Volunteers from across the country typically apply to decorate positions, but due to the outbreak there were only Washington residents this year, Alexander said.

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